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A World of Dichotomies
Last uploaded : Sunday 9th Feb 2003 at 00:41
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


Thursday, 6th February, 2003

What a world of dichotomies we live in. What a world of changing moods and opinions. Never was the chasm between logic and facts clearer than in the events of this week.

First, the pain, the tragedy and horror as seven astronauts and their vehicle to the stars, went down in spectacularly tragic circumstances. Each
of these people leaves a history, a family, friends and hopeful nations.

Somehow, Col. Ilan Ramon caught the hearts of the world, just a fraction more than others. Why? Because we all felt that this fine example of
Israeli men could change world opinion and sing of our successes, of our co-operation with other free nations in the pursuit of excellence.

Why dichotomy? Well, just twenty years ago Ilan Ramon was part of the team which destroyed the Iraqi nuclear facility. The world was outraged at
Israeli audacity. How could Israel assume the role of judge and jury? Just a few days after this hero's demise, Minister Colin Powell stood before the United Nations and clearly and eloquently pointed out, with full evidence,
the need to destroy or confiscate Iraq's weaponry, Iraq's arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and of deadly poisons. Can you imagine what would have happened had Israel not taken the action of 1982?

Another example occurred in Sweden, in Scandinavia. After a wonderful rally in support of Israel, after words of condolence on the loss of our hero from many Scandinavians, the Prime Minister of Sweden presented a prize to Hanan
Ashrawi wishing her victory over Israeli oppression! To ensure further confusion, Dr Ashrawi is an Arab and a Christian and has betrayed her own beleaguered people by joining forces with Arafat who has caused the destruction of entire Arab Christian communities within the Palestinian Authority.

Finally, Israel is suffering the most terrible economic difficulties; yet, we honoured our obligations and over the last two months have given the PA $500,000,000!!! If that isn't a paradox I don't know what is!!!!

I know you are now waiting for me to say something good, because we can't approach Shabbat without some food for the soul!!! OK, I have a morsel or two to throw to you.

Today was a glorious day!!!! It really was a perfect spring day. The almond trees are blossoming, the tulips are bursting out into bright crimson flames along the roadsides, the hillsides flow with waves of green spring foliage
and the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) has gone up another 10 cms. Yesterday we had soothing, healing rain. Today the sun shone on us and tomorrow it will rain again...who said it isn't Camelot?

So, my dear friends, I wish you a Shabbat Shalom. I pray that this Shabbat will be happier than the last one. If we have learned anything from the
disaster it is how strong the bonds of nations who seek a better future. May you always be in search of a better future.

ADDENDUM February 7, 2003:

The ultimate paradox, dichotomy, antithesis to rationality, occurred yesterday.

Taibeh, is a predominantly Arab town which plays football (the real one) in the national league. The IDF and the police, in a highly professional
search, found two potential suicide/homicide bombers who had hidden the largest explosive belt ever found in the Mosque in Taibeh. A colossal tragedy was averted.

The belt was hidden in the enormous Taibeh Mosque where 1500 worshippers go to pray several times each day. Can you imagine the disaster had it
pre-exploded? Hundreds of people would have been killed and maimed. Can you imagine what the world would have said? Yup, they would have said we did it!!!

Can you imagine what they would have said had it reached its Israeli target? What a tragedy, but then they deserve it! Ah, well.

A million devout Moslems now wend their way to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Islam's most holy site. Many of these holy men, men who have performed Haj, resent the distraction of the world's eyes from the true Moslem holy sites of Mecca and Medina to Jerusalem. Jerusalem, not even once mentioned in the Koran, yet worthy of 70 different names in the Tenach. Jerusalem, Ir Shalem (perfect or complete city) Ir Shalom (City of Peace), Har Zion (Mount Zion), Yafeh Nof (Beauteous View) and Hephziba among them.

Apparently there are historical paradoxes too!


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