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Hell Yes, We Want Oil!
Last uploaded : Sunday 2nd Feb 2003 at 23:23
Contributed by : Arlene Peck



Lately, I’ve been reading editorials and watching television interviews about how the Iraqi people are really, really, nice and aren’t the enemy. They aren’t the problem. It’s Saddam Hussein. The same way I heard how extremist Islamic mentality and religion aren’t the cause of our drastic change of life. Nooooo, it’s all the fault of Osama Bin Laden. Well folks, I don’t buy it. I think I’ve lost my trust.

How naive are we and in how much of a dream world do we want to continue to live? Contrary to what our airports believe, it’s not seven-year-old Asian girls who should be stopped en route. It’s not even Southern Baptists travelling in groups who should be detained and be made to take off their shoes so they can be checked for bombs. The Israelis have the right methods and we, in America, instead of all this touchy, feely, politically correct attitudes, should be taking lessons from them. They’ve long known the secret.

I can listen to commentators from now until next Tishabav telling me how peaceful the Arab world is but I have serious questions. All that aside, I tend to think that I’m not alone when I feel this terrible resentment to a people who have thrown the world into a downward spiral in their quest for world domination. Truly, a little over a year ago, all we had to worry about was the lack of morality in the NFL, whether Ricky Martin was gay and did Britney Speers have implants installed. Remember? I want to go back to the naivete when the words Al Qaeda weren’t in our vocabulary.

September 11th was our wake-up call. And, finally, maybe there are those in the world who are becoming aware, no matter how anti-Semitic they are, that the terrorism in Israel is a wake-up call for even them. These evil people have been able to throw the world and our economy into a chaotic state, which is costing us billions upon billions of dollars. The Iraqis are able to finance the terrorism from this oil money. They have money to pay the families of the homicide bombers and to finance the camps that support them.

We have every justification to use that same oil money to reimburse ourselves for the “Homeland Security” expenses that they have made necessary--starting with the World Trade Center. Once our economy is on the same track that it was before 9/11, then let them go back to reorganizing their government and using their oil funds to build more palaces or whatever it is that they want to do. But, for the immediate future, we should be compensated for the war that has been forced upon us. And, that means every last cent of our depleted stock markets, rebuilding costs, even to the embassies and boats that they’ve sunk in recent years. With the way that the Iraqi government treats their oil by setting it afire to pollute the air for months for hundreds of miles around, it would be a blessing. At least the money from that oil would be used to benefit the people who had been victims from its prior misuse.

Ever since I can remember, the Arab world has been using their oil as a coercive weapon. Do you think that Saddam is any exception? He understands power. Hence, to stop him or his sons you have to neutralize their “weapons” or confiscate them. Since dictators and sheikdoms use the oil as a weapon, then to my thinking, it’s OK, even necessary, to take the oil out of the hands and use it for good deeds. Such actions will even help the Iraqi people, and create precedents for the rest of the world

The extreme element in the Arab world has raised the flame of terrorism and unfortunately the cowardly politicians have paid attention to this in negative ways. The more they would terrorize, the harder the world leaders would work to help them with cash and diplomatic initiatives. It disgusts me to think how we’ve pandered to these fundamentalists and the oil money for decades, but the time has come to stop.

Why are we still listening to the cry, “Saddam hasn’t personally attacked us.”? If I remember correctly, Hitler didn’t attack our soil either. And, it disgusts me when I see those with their past track records, such as the Germans and French siding with the present-day Hitler again.

Rumsfeld hit it on the head when he commented recently, in reference to them as the “Old Europe” It resulted in hostile responses, however that shows me that the truth is sometimes painful.

Frankly, I’m still mad as hell that ‘Daddy Bush” didn’t go in and finish the job. The trouble with us is that we talk things to death. Israel had the right idea in 1981. They didn’t meet with enemies for over a year and try and get their permission. At this point in time, with the sorry record of the United Nations and their record of supporting terrorism, I consider this band of rogue countries to be nothing less than similar supporters of terrorism. Israel didn’t give warnings and chances to the Iraqi dictator to have time to hide his weapons. No, they went over in the middle of the night and in three hours did the job. Then they flew back victorious and Saddam Hussein was without his bomb making facility. It’s enough already! Do it!
Arlene Peck is a well-known American syndicated columnist and talk show hostess. She is a regular contributor to Jewsweek and has herself been the subject of many high-profile feature articles.
Her website:

http:// www.arlenepeck.com


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