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The Buck Stops Here
Last uploaded : Sunday 27th Oct 2002 at 17:58
Contributed by : Arlene Peck



Lately it seems that I’ve been touching on a lot of topics that have been making me even more politically incorrect than usual. I would have been a terrible politician as I have this compulsion to tell it like it is. And, folks, the issues in front of us are pretty basic. It IS all about money.

They, and by ‘they’ I mean the oil rich Arabs who finance the vermin who go in to wedding receptions and pizzerias with guns and bombs, should be held responsible! Hell, the minute we realized that fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 maniacs who changed our lives forever were hometown boys from Saudi Arabia, we should have sent Crown Prince Abdullah a bill for the damages. And collected! Unlike Bush, I sure as hell wouldn’t have driven them over my ranch in a golf cart while smiling and hugging for the cameras as Bush did. Abdullah and his kinsmen did a bad thing to us. We should punish them for it.

The same goes for Iraq. The madman sitting in Baghdad is forcing us into a war with his regime. It’s either fight now or wait a couple of years until we are standing on the edge of the nuclear abyss. We’re doing what we have to do. But, when the dust settles we should take over the oil fields and re-reimburse ourselves, and our allies who support us, from those same oil fields. Isn’t it about time that Israel acquired a portion of the natural resources whose profits have been used for the last forty years to fund Israeli’s destruction?

That however, is not how we do things. We will probably be taxed to death to pay for the war, and then taxed again to re-build Iraq back and give them a working government that will probably come back and bite us in the behind like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and even France. I’ve heard bits and pieces regarding how the big powers are already deciding how to divide up the oil wealth of Iraq. The American oil giants have been deprived of their share of oil deals involving Iraq since 1990. Given our past self-deprecating actions, first dibs will probably go to the European and Russian firms who have signed accords with the current regime in Baghdad.

Sometimes I wonder, “Is it me?” I see actions that seem so basically evil. Yet, there are many people, good people, ‘’spiritual” people who see the same things I do. But, they just close their eyes: Or, look the other way. Very often I wonder if people are truly as stupid as their actions make them appear? Am I the only person to see this?

We spend so much time and effort wondering, “What have we done to make everybody hate us?” Ok, perhaps not everybody hates us, but there are sure a lot of enemies who are coming out of the woodwork. They are angry, frustrated and sick with envy. They certainly aren’t poor or deprived. The Saudis who gleefully turned our world upside down on 9/11 were wealthy sons from oil-rich families. Their terrorism didn’t come from poverty. Nor are the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world spending every waking moment attempting to destroy the Jewish state because of any mistreatment from the “Jews”. No. These societies are produced and nurtured because of envy and jealousy and generations of fostering ideologies of hate against The Big and the Little Satan.

For instance, we, in the United States live in the most sought after country for residence in the world. We are lucky beyond belief compared with most of the rest of the nations. We are the envy of everyone with our abundance in freedoms, luxury and opportunity. We’re supposed to be fairly well educated; yet, I look at the stupid actions and reactions of our country with total amazement. Readers have suggested to me that I’m too tough. “The country’s more stunned than stupid, about to go off to a war where they’re not even sure of what the issue really is. It’s not stupid, just off the radar. Americans can’t believe anyone would hate us so much for simply being us.” Maybe so, but, we, as a nation have to wake up. The Jews have had to face unbridled hate forever and it’s time for us to grow up.

For instance, our reaction to evil is so naive that we end up suffering every time because of our lack of understanding into the mindsets of the enemy. It’s almost laughable when we will send in our college educated ‘yuppies’ in their Brooks Brothers suits and Bally shoes to sit on the floor with ‘war Lords’. There they are filmed discussing strategy in sending in funds to arm and rebuild yet another corrupt government. War Lords? Why doesn’t anyone realize that is a 7th century word? And, we are usually dealing with minds that are so far behind the present day society that it is impossible to relate to them in a rational way. There are no rational leaders in the Arab world. They’ve all been killed by their own.

The war spin is taking up every minute of our newspapers and television as of late. And, I’m all for it. The man in Iraq is a monster and he’s got to be taken out. However, I truly believe that had Israel had the job to disarm him again as they did in 1982 it would be done with more precision and a lot less money. However speaking of money, why are we, as a country having such a problem with the expected expense when there is a very simple way to reimburse ourselves for the billions expected to cost us to disarm this evil maniac. Take back the oil fields!

The upcoming war with Iraq may be filling our newspapers and televisions but, sadly, I see little concern about the possibility of Israel sitting like a sitting duck again. The consequences of a possible U.S. led war against Iraq are chilling. How much will the war divert the United States from the war against Islamic fanaticism? I’ve noticed the lack of concern from the rest of the world when it comes to the Israeli victims of the terrorist. Millions were given to each of the victims of 9/11 but where have the meetings been for the Israeli victims getting any subsidy to carry them through tough times? The consequences of living next door to the madman in Iraq are crucial.

Why should there be any question, as there seems to be as whether Israel should strike back if attacked by Iraq? Each time Bush and those in his administration admonish Israel it makes Israel weaker to it’s hostile neighbors. It is imperative that we, in the United States continue to be supported by its strongest ally, Israel. However, Israel has to receive the same support.

The possibility of more anti-Israel, anti-Semitic feeling in Europe is both real and disturbing. When the war with Iraq finally begins, then the pressure on Israel to appease the Palestinians will grow. Like father, like son, the demands for concessions to the Palestinians for the sake of coalition building will happen once again. I’ll bet on it. The senior Bush didn’t give a damn that the Arab goal for Israel was to be pushed in the sea. Why should the scenario be any differently today? However, with Russian oil production posed to be leading the market share within the next twenty years the Saudis better pay attention or they’ll be eating sand.

We have tolerated France, and Europe backing the grandfather of modern terrorism as the down trodden and champion of liberty. We, as a nation built them back from the ashes during the Second World War. How fast the Arabs have forgotten that we also did the same with them when we went in and saved Kuwait and the Saudis who now try and block our defanging the monster in Iraq. A mere decade after we saved them from him, they tell us they are doing us a favor to even ‘consider letting us use their air space.' Hussein is a monster and he’s got to be taken out.
Arlene Peck is a well-known American syndicated columnist and talk show hostess. She is a regular contributor to Jewsweek and has herself been the subject of many high-profile feature articles.
Her website:
http:// www.arlenepeck.com


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