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Plain Old Anti-Semitism
Last uploaded : Wednesday 11th Sep 2002 at 00:06
Contributed by : Arlene Peck


I’m changing my thinking. For years I’ve been bemoaning the lack of fair coverage in the press when it comes to Israel. I’ve let myself get aggravated by the double standard. But, I’ve come to a conclusion. It’s just plain old anti-Semitism. Nothing more…nothing less.

Actually, it’s a little strange in its form. Almost everywhere you turn, the non-Jews are adopting our food, our expressions, and our entertainers are considered the hippest. Even the likes of Madonna, Roseanne and Courtney Love swear by their lessons in Kabalah. Yet, how does Jew hatred become directed in the form of collective hatred to all things Jewish by rejecting the idea of a state for the Jewish people?

I grew up in the south in the days before Civil Rights. To put it in perspective, I had to dig deep in my psyche during those tumultuous times. I would have had to be blind not to notice how the race as a group was deprived social and economic rights during those times. Yet, every black person that I knew during those days worked for a white family. They worked in the stores or homes of my friends. They became trusted parts of the families and even today, the house-keepers of various members of my family have been employed by them for the past thirty or forty years. In other words, the race as a whole was ignored. Yet, the individuals were ‘taken care’ of.

The blacks of the north were used as a symbol of oppression and collectively referred to as a group. Yet, I don’t think that there was the individual loyalty that was found in the south. We’ve all seen 'Driving Miss Daisy' and the relationship that developed over the years between her driver and Mistress of the house. That is the south that I remember. In fact, if I remember correctly, even Dr. Martin Luther King wrote something profound where he stated, “Anti- Zionism is just plain old anti-Semitism.”

So, taking it into that context I have been able to see how the Jews as individuals, (our stars, fashion and movie mavens, etc.) are sought after. The Jews as a nation are something that the world fears. More so, they are jealous and the hatred is so deep. Yet, it’s just not cool to show it by the burning of crosses in front yards. It’s ever so much better to meet in the United Nations and pass another resolution deploring the plight of the ‘poor downtrodden Palestinians' which is naturally caused by the Jewish State of Israel.

Frankly, I don’t think most people give a diddlysquat about the Palestinians, the same way that they don’t care about the Somalia civilians or the Panamanian civilians who were killed by US forces but it is a convenient way to hide the real reason. That being, to paint Israel as being the villains in the Arab-Israeli scenario. It doesn’t matter one iota to them that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews and the Arab population was only interested in settling there after the Jews bought and paid for said land and turned it into something other than barren desert that they were used to. To the international community the problem is always going to be solved by more concessions from Israel.

It is ludicrous that the world turns a blind eye to the human rights violations of China, or better yet, the entire Arab world -- a place where women are treated with less dignity than farm animals. Somehow the dictatorships and terrorism of these countries don’t seem to cause conflict in the minds and hearts of the world.

The European leaders would love to continue the massacre of the Jews that they sought in the 1930’s. It’s not fashionable, however, to do so in today’s politically correct society. I think most of the countries in Europe are parasites who would gladly sell their soul for oil. We’ve saved their hides so many times and how fast it’s forgotten.

In fact, how can the rationality of the Arab countries even be explained? Saddam Hussein then was poised to destroy first Kuwait and then Saudi Arabia. Now, they’re convenient memories have totally forgotten what started the Gulf War. Saddam now is the good guy and being mistreated by the big, bad United States.

I would like to say that it’s only the Arabs who have tried for years to push Israel to make more and more concessions, until there is nothing left to concede. Actually though, it’s most of the world. They’ve hoped that would be the end of the Jewish State and then France and Italy and the rest of the Nazi countries that are burning the synagogues and desecrating the cemeteries would be pleased So, the answer must be in passing more UN resolutions against Israel.

Remember when they had the absolute gall to pass the one that declared, “Zionism is racism”? Where was the outrage from rational people even then? I’ve just about given up understanding any of the undercurrents of hatred directed toward the Jews. The worst of course are the self-haters themselves who amazingly are Jewish and more concerned with the treatment of the terrorist than their Jewish brothers in Israel. They do everything in their power to uphold these illogical ideas of Palestinian suffering and Israel victimization of the Palestinians? No wonder that I got to the point that I can’t stomach Shimon Peres.

Of course, they would profess to be sorry at the plight of the poor Jews. But, they much prefer victimhood of the Jews and for them to remain passive. It reminds them of better days. Then, they can feel better about having second thoughts about the creation of Israel. Maybe they can give Arafat a second Peace Prize for solving the final solution. That being giving the Palestinians their own country, which was formerly called Israel. We must not let that happen by chopping the country up like a salami to appease ‘world opinion”.


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