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A Dangerous Liaison
Last uploaded : Wednesday 28th Aug 2002 at 22:30
Contributed by : Howard Sherrington



JewishComment Editor's Note:
Professor Jacqueline Rose presented herself as an Anglo-Jew troubled by the strong relationship between Israel and the USA. What irritated us was her depiction of 'American Jewry' as ultra-Orthodox inhabitants of New York. She knows nothing about American Jewry and frankly, we at Jewish Comment are sick of non-Americans pontificating about a culture of which they know little. We wish to point out to Professor Rose that the vast majority of Broadway composers and lyricists have been Jewish. American culture has been profoundly affected by its cherished Jews. They are not a bunch of fanatics who rave and rant about Israel. Conversely, Americans cherish and value Israel because they cherish and value their Jewish fellow-Americans. Please read our article, 'Why America Loves Israel'in our archive.
Professor Jacqueline Rose
Channel 4.com/news

Dear Jacqueline

Watching your programme” a Dangerous Liaison “ made me proud to be Jewish, proud of the Israeli achievement and more pro-American than ever. I often wondered how 6 million Jews in America could have such a powerful influence. I did not realise that the “Israeli Lobby” was made up of 70 million Evangelical Christians, a much more potent force for good.

You started off by saying (I think very much tongue in cheek) that “ the Occupied Territories” were the cause of the friction between the Arabs and the Jews. You then proceeded to show us the “Occupied Territories”; they looked more like “New Towns” to me. What a wonderful tribute they are to the Israelis ability to develop modern cities with modern roads and modern infrastructure.

There is a marked contrast between the Jewish builders and the Arabs who have chosen the warpath, which has led to their own poverty, and now hold out a begging bowl.

Before 1972 there were no settlements outside the Green Line. 1972 was the year of the Munich Olympics when the PLO assassinated 11 Israeli athletes.

Every year from the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 to 1972 Israelis were killed by Arabs. yet this was before any “ occupied territories” existed.

So how did the Occupied Territories become the cause of the friction when it was going on long before there were any?

Even today there are only 214,000 Jews living in Palestine behind barbed wire defences, while in Israel over a million Israeli Arabs can live in peace and have representatives in the Knesset.

Who is the aggressor here?

Why should these settlers be under threat from the surrounding Arabs? They only want to live in peace, but are subjected to murderous attacks. Your explanation is that these New Towns are offensive. This demonstrates the racial prejudice of the Arabs. They demand the return of Palestinians to live in Israel but do not grant it for Jews to live in Palestine. There would not be any Israeli military presence outside the Green line if the settlers were allowed to live in peace.

You complain that the problem exists because America has not held the Israeli’s back. The reverse is true, President Clinton’s efforts to make peace between Arafat and Israel has led to the worsening of the situation. There were no suicide bombers before the second Intifada.
Bush has learned from Clinton’s mistakes. and has realised peace can only come from within. However it is working. Peace is coming, now that Arafat is discredited.

You constantly referred to the failure of the Arab leadership. This is where the whole problem lies. You talk about the poor Arabs. The Arabs are the wealthiest group in the world with all their oil resources, but they do not use it effectively to help one another.

The 70 million Evangelical Americans support Israel, because they can identify with the Israeli achievements. Once Americas was a barren land inhabited by primitive tribesmen known then as Redskins. Now it is a super power. Once the British mandate of Palestine was poor, uncultivated, both malarial infested swamp and desert. The Israelis have drained the swamps, cultivated the land, built town, roads, airports and railways until its GDP per Capita is $17,564,compared to $38,000 for the U.S.A. and $16,000 for Spain, and United Arab Emirates with $19,700.

Do not forget that the Jews and Western Christians are natural allies and the Arabs have always been on the side of their enemies down the Ages of History.

It was the Jewish Palestinian Brigade who fought side by side with the Allies against Germany in the First World War. It was the Hussein family leaders of the Palestinian Arabs who allied with Hitler in the Second World War.

Israel was the ally of Britain in the Suez War in 1956. It was the Russians who supported the Arabs in the Cold War period. More recently there are Arabs in the Al Qaeda terrorist training camps. As a result, there is the same special relationship between the Israelis, (the only Jewish State in the world) and the Western Christians as there is between America and Britain. .

Yours sincerely

Howard Sherrington


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