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How Boring..More Double Standards
Last uploaded : Sunday 28th Jul 2002 at 18:13
Contributed by : Arlene Peck


I sometimes feel as though I’m talking to the wall when I write, ad nauseam, about the double standard when it comes to Israel and the rest of the world. First, I bombard you with my columns about the anti-Semitism in the Red Cross. And, how they have never allowed Israel into their philanthropic organization. Yet, the Arabs are unbelievably welcomed by this biased group.

Then, I blast the United Nations for allowing 188 countries, some of them among the most vicious of the Pariah nations, as members. However, the sole country that has never been allowed to serve on the Security Council is Israel. Now, I have to speak out about what hypocritical statements our government are making concerning the terrorists.

The head of the major terrorist organization, Hamas, is killed and what happens? The world rushes to condemn Israel and lament the innocent civilians who were ‘massacred’. Well, folks, this is war and if I’m not mistaken that’s what happens in war. In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that I remember Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld answering questions about the killings of Afghani civilians by United States troops, “It’s an unfortunate fact of war that, inevitably, innocent civilians are killed. This has been true, throughout the history of warfare, and it remains true even in this age of advanced technology and precision-guided munitions.”

Good Lord! Why is it so difficult for the world to understand that Israel is fighting for their very life? These fiends don’t even have Israel on any of their maps because they want them gone. . Dead! What part don’t the anti-Semites get? The same way we, in the United States are fighting these same monsters that have been raised as robots and trained to be human bullets, so is Israel.

Yet, somehow when Israel defends itself, it inevitably receives world condemnations as seems to be happening now. How in good conscience can President Bush appear on television and call Israel’s actions ‘heavy-handed’ while in the very recent past, Donald Rumsfeld had his own press conference defending US troops dropping a bomb on the car of an Al Qaeda target in Afghanistan which was also crowded with innocent civilians, killing women and children in the care? He was quoted in the NY Times over that incident as saying, “The women and children were in the battle zone of their own free will, knowing who they’re with and who they’re supporting and who they’re encouraging and who they assisting.”

Give me a break! We do it when necessary and, it’s a good thing. How fast we’ve forgotten the latest example of U.S. collateral damage of the wedding party in Afghanistan that killed about fifty. I believe that we’re still contending that the target was valid. Shehadeh was the hated commander of Hamas terrorist organization in both Gaza and the West Bank. He was Israel’s Osma Bin Laden. He was Hitler! Tell me dear readers, what should the United States have done if per chance we were lucky enough to corner the man who orchestrated our Twin Towers? Do you think we would have given a diddly-sqauat about who might have been in the way and given him a ‘free pass?’

Truly, it’s unfortunate that twelve civilians were killed during the military operation that destroyed the Israeli Public Enemy Number One! However, what would we have done, what should we have done if our government had the opportunity to capture Osma Bin Laden? Shehadeh was a man who organized dozens of terrorist attacks, which killed wounded and/or maimed hundreds and hundreds of innocent Israelis. Do you think he, or any in his organization, Hamas, could care less about how many of Israel’s children they kill? They strive for that. And, for once I’d like to see the response from the world leaders and press that the Palestinians are receiving. They were quoted at his funeral as saying, “We will not rest until the Jews see pieces of bodies in each restaurant, in their bars, their buses, on their streets,” Hamas’ military wing, Izziden al-Qussam, said in a statement, “We will make funerals for every Jewish house, every Jewish street.” And, don’t doubt for a minute that they mean it.

Yet, you will never see a condemnation by any of those in the European Union. Nor, will they acknowledge that Israel had to go in and attack the way they did because the father of terrorism, Arafat, had repeatedly been urged to arrest Shehadeh and to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure Shehadeh had built. He and those he recruited and commanded were responsible for the murders. What is wrong with the picture of targeting the terrorists, as our State Dept. seems to think is so politically incorrect? The man had a two-year killing spree, funded by our tax dollars via the Palestinian Authority for almost a half billion dollars, yet they refused to arrest him. This attitude is going to come back and bite us.

What’s so sad is that it wasn’t so long ago that the Palestinians, before they became totally greedy and showed the Israeli public that their ultimate goal was the demise of Israel instead of the peaceful co-existence were on a totally different road. They crossed into Israel every day as the work force and a couple of hundred thousand of them were employed by Israelis. They had a superior lifestyle because they were working on the Israeli pay scale and not that of their Arab brothers who paid them destitute wages. Gaza was a place where they were building casinos and Israelis were driving over for recreation. Then, Arafat refused almost everything that he had asked for and walked away from the sweetest deal he’d ever get.

Today, Iran and Syria are in a race to exacerbate the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. They believe it’s in their best interest for the holocaust to continue. Hey, why not? Over the past couple of decades, they’ve brainwashed and trained their Arab brothers who they’ve kept for that very purpose in those wretched camps to “Die for the Jihad”. It’s also kept the attention away from their own people that they are the poorest and most backward region in the world.

Without a doubt, they have plenty of Palestinians to strap on bombs. Life has no meaning whatsoever. Whatever their reasons, the buildup from both Syria and Iran is growing rapidly. Sick though it may be, they believe that the more the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians grows, the less the United States will be capable of removing Saddam. Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are uniting as a strong second front to be used against the United States. The Palestinians are willing martyrs and used as tools by their Arab brothers to attain their goals.
Arlene Peck is a prominent American syndicated columnist and talk show hostess. Her websites:

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