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White Trash With Money
Last uploaded : Saturday 13th Jul 2002 at 21:29
Contributed by : Arlene Peck


I'm too young to be a political pundit, but then again, I'm too young for a lot of things. One thing that's still pretty good is my memory.
I should have been born Italian, because I don't forget. I may forgive, but I don't forget. That's why, folks I want to share with you my longtime
thoughts on CNN's pride of anti-Semitism, Ted Turner.

Our paths had crossed a few times earlier when he was dating a friend of mine in our hometown of Atlanta. That experience I'll save for my upcoming book, "Secrets" about my Celebrity Talk show (WOW! It's Arlene Peck). But, let me tell you about his purchase of the original CNN headquarters.

The year was about 1980. Turner was buying CNN and looking for a location. He ended up buying some property of which my father was a Charter
member. This was in the days when there was a Jewish country club in Atlanta. Actually there were three. They were established because the
Southern WASPS didn't allow Jewish membership into their clubs. So, the Atlanta Jewish community, (including my father) said, "The hell with them."

My father, like many of the others who built those country clubs, had returned from the Second World War. For lack of a place where they could
go, they decided to build their own bigger and better scale. My dad became one of the "charter members". The predominant style was antebellum with big chandeliers, ballrooms, swimming pools, and tennis courts. It was glorious. There were even gambling and card rooms downstairs from which the women were prohibited. They were, however, allowed to use the slot machine room. The
custodian that answered the phone and brought the drinks and food to the men, made a fortune. When the wives would call up and ask if their husbands
were there, he'd loudly exclaim, "Lawd no Mamm. Your husband don't come down here." Then the husband would tip him $50 bucks. Rumor had it that he invested all of those "$50 bucks" into real estate, and ended up owning more than many of the members.

They called it the Progressive Club, which later became the first location for CNN. The same headquarters that Ted Turner bought and picked out. I even received a bit of cash out of the deal, as I held original stock that was sold to Turner. I remember going over their once after he had taken control of it. It was very sad. The rooms with palatial ceilings and crystal chandeliers were now his offices. The large gorgeous ballrooms now had desks and didn't look elegant anymore. Neither did the three large
swimming pools, which were now used to house the satellite dishes.

What was ironic was the fact that clubs like that had to be built because the Ted Turners of the time wouldn't let us into theirs. I know the
mentality of men like him. Having grown up in the South, I recognize the good ole boys that grow up to be the David Dukes or Ted Turners. They
partied at their WASPY fraternity houses and went on to later play golf at their restricted country clubs. Their 'quota' systems that I grew up under
in the south during that time allowed over -indulged "C" students like Turner to take the place of an "A" Jewish student because they had over their 3% of Jewish students, which is what Atlanta was at that time. So, it's come to no
surprise to me that he's been revealed as the racist moron that I've long thought him to be. Albeit, a very, very rich one. But with a lack of
morality that is without equal. I've always known that he and his ilk have encouraged and promoted anti-Semitism. How is it possible that people were
so surprised?

This paragon of pseudo wisdom has been vocal in his admiration of Fidel Castro. And, he's even spoken at universities relating how 'brave' he
thought the terrorist of 9/11 were. He announced to the world that there were a lot of people living in abject poverty in those countries who didn't have any hope for a better life. As though that somehow justified the Twin Tower attack. Hey, Ted Turner is on record for a lot of things. He's even on recorded as saying how he thinks that the Israeli government is involved in
terrorism. Furthermore, he makes sure that his journalists covering the Middle East not only share his thoughts but also, when in doubt, create the news. So, folks, you wonder what makes a man like Turner give the perception that he's promoting terrorism. Frankly, I wasn't even surprised when the news revealed ten percent of CNN is Saudi controlled. Only now, the obvious bias of CNN and all those times I saw them overlook the obvious in their reporting makes a lot more sense now.

He's still the same old good old boy that I remember. Or, was that 'white trash' with money. Lots and lots of it!

Arlene Peck is a prominent American syndicated columnist and talk show hostess. Her websites:

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