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Let's See? Terrorise? Get New Land?
Last uploaded : Sunday 30th Jun 2002 at 19:46
Contributed by : Arlene Peck



(Written June 17, 2002)

I’ve been told that I’m just a little bit too basic. I never have been very ‘politically correct’. I think those that are, are just a bit dense or have an agenda totally removed from that cause. For instance, let's take our President's latest declarations about the upcoming ‘plan’ he’s going to give the Palestinians for their very own state. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? With that kind of logic, you can then say what’s good for the Palestinians is good for the Mexicans.

According to a recent poll, three out of five Mexicans believe that the US Southwest belongs to Mexico. What would be President Bush’s plan if Mexicans streamed across the border and bombed our Starbucks' and Macy’s on a daily basis? What does that mean? That we just turn over my city of Marina del Rey, California to them? Hell no! We wouldn’t do that! So, why is Israel being punished post 9/11 to reward the Palestinians and their self-proclaimed” martyrs for their terrorism with a ‘settlement?

The latest buzzwords among Middle East policymakers are “democracy” and “reform”. But democracy will not reform hearts hardened by hatred. Representative government in the Palestinian Authority is no guarantee of Israel's security. In fact, an Independent Palestinian state attached to Israel proper is nothing more than a launching pad for more terrorist actions.

Our “politically correct” government and media refuse to acknowledge that prior to 1967, there was no cry for an independent state by any of them. The Gaza Strip was controlled by Egypt and Jordan controlled the West Bank. They, if I remember correctly, even refused to take it back.

Has everyone forgotten that the '67 war began because the Arab nations attempted to destroy Israel? Israel defended herself and won the war. Why should Israel be expected to give anything to Arab nations that have no desire for democracy nor even have the concept for one? And, whose sole purpose in life is the destruction of the Jewish State?

I’m sure there still must be a few of you who remember that Hitler used the democratic process to achieve his gains. Think Arafat’s plan for a final solution is any different? Have we lost our total sense of reality? The press, Colin Powell, and even our President editorialize how America must press Arafat to be a good boy. This man has always been a terrorist, a murderer. Yet, the President attempts to convince America that it’s the Palestinians who are the victims and, that Arafat is the only solution to the problem. So now, if Arafat runs free elections, appoints the least corrupt administration possible and even spends some of that World money on his people instead of his villas and bank accounts, and then he’ll be rewarded with Palestinian statehood.

Good Lord, are we so stupid that we can’t see that the only thing gained from the President’s new plan for Palestinian statehood is nothing because it’s more of the same? It continues to encourage terrorists to give us more of the same, which is murder and terrorism.

How many more of these pumped-up-on-Jihad- rhetoric fanatics will be allowed to travel freely to shopping malls, nursery schools and bus stops wearing shrapnel-studded explosives strapped to their bodies? Would we allow the daily bombings of Starbucks before meeting to grant the terrorist who do these sub-human things a state of their own? What kind of message is that sending? Does anyone care in our administration? Our press? Do we really expect that Palestinian democracy will combat the evil cultivated over the course of almost a century? That is all that they know.

An independent Palestine will continue to arm itself to the teeth in order to achieve the only goal that it has or has ever had. That goal being to drive the Jews into the sea and take Jerusalem and Israel over for themselves. To destroy the Jewish people by allowing the creation of a Palestinian State at this time and under these conditions is sheer madness. All it would do is feed the fire and prove to the Palestinians that the final goal of grabbing all of Israel from “river to sea” is within their reach. After all, that’s what Arafat has promised them from the beginning. Who would have imagined that America would actually help him?

With Arabs occupying the strategic high ground of the West Bank, this plan will do nothing to enhance Israel's security. But then, those making those demands are well aware of the consequences and what will result.

In fact if past history is any guide, all we’ll see is many of those being captured now being released in a “goodwill trades” instigated by Shimon Peres or Yossi Belini somewhere down the line. These people that the Israelis capture in their incursions into the ‘camps” are not “militants”, they are terrorists. And as far as I’m concerned, terrorists are not negotiated with. I feel no good will towards murderers of innocent women and children. In a war “good will” is a luxury that Israel can’t afford. They must be defeated first, and, then negotiate! In our efforts in this country to practice “political correctness,” and not profile the enemy, we become weak and send the message that we won’t fight.

If these Palestinian terrorists are so thrilled to train others to kill and murder for the sake of martyrdom then let them get their wish. These captured terrorists should never be released again ever to bomb schools and shopping malls. Keeping in mind, I’m not “politically correct”, I think these “martyrs” should be driven to building of one of their bomb making factories, placed inside and let them meet their seventy-two virgins. Oh, yes, and give the families of the victims five hundred dollars as a gesture of good will. I’m sure they would understand it wouldn’t be as much as the $35,000 they are making from America’s good friends the ‘moderate’ Saudis or Saddam or Arafat, because tourism is down so much.

And finally, I suppose my feelings can best be summed up in a quote by General Schwartzkopf who was asked if there was room for forgiveness for the people who harbored and abetted the terrorist who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks on America. His answer was “ I believe that forgiving them is God’s function. Our job is simply arranging that meeting.” Amen
Arlene Peck is a well-known American syndicated columnist and talk show hostess. She is a regular contributor to Jewsweek and has herself been the subject of many high-profile feature articles.
Her website:
http:// www.arlenepeck.com
email bestredhead.20m.com


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