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A Palestinian View of the Days to Come
Last uploaded : Monday 10th Jun 2002 at 13:42
Contributed by : Sam Bahour


I sit here, again, under military curfew in Ramallah, up since 2am after the Israeli tanks came rolling back into town, reading the below
news article. I try to explain to Areen, my 8-yr-old daughter, why she was not able to go to school today, her last day of second grade.
She was so excited that today was report card day and, more importantly, it was the last day at St. Joseph School, since next year she will move to Friend's School. She bought candy to pass out on
the bus on the way home to bid her girlfriends and bus driver farewell. Instead, today she counts the number of tanks that pass the house and calms her 2-yr-old sister after each explosion.

I wonder if the world will ever realize that Israeli occupation is the most sophisticated form of terrorism known. It provides varying doses of terror and humiliation that is dragged on over decades, unlike conventional terrorism that explodes in split seconds, Israeli terrorism causes its victims to explode after the world forgets the source of the problem. Both kinds of terror kill, humiliate and maim, but the world has only mobilized against the photogenic style of terrorism. Israel has learned that state-run terrorism at night is less interesting to the media and Israel has become the master of
repeating violations of human rights and international law until the media and world become bored with the issue.

To add insult to injury, the WZO (an organization that freely operates in every US city) plans to facilitate more illegal settlers, or as a friend
recently pointed out they are more accurately called illegal squatters.

Then the world wonders what the Palestinians want. If after 36 years this is still a question, I have no comment on the events that
are bound to come in the days ahead.
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