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A Voice from Jerusalem
Last uploaded : Thursday 30th May 2002 at 18:43
Contributed by : Naomi Ragen


We go to sleep at night with the last news report, which is that suicide bombers have entered Northern Jerusalem and are about to commit another barbaric attack on civilians. This follows the information about the
burial, side by side, of a 56 year-old grandmother and her 14-month-old baby
granddaughter, blown up by 10 kilo of explosives packed with nails and razor blades as they bought ice cream and sat in a playground in Petach Tikva.

In the morning, we wake – in our beds in Northern Jerusalem--to the news that a Palestinian gunmen has entered a high school in Itamar, slaughtered two kids playing basketball, then entered the dorm rooms, killing a fifteen year-old in his bed.

Golda Meir said in 1972 after terrorists killed dozens by opening fire at Lod Airport that if Israeli airports were not safe, then not a single
airport in the world was safe. And I say, if Israeli grandmothers and their grandchildren are not safe in their ice cream parlors and playgrounds, then no grandmother or grandchild in the world is safe. And I say that if Israeli high school students playing basketball are not safe, then no high school student, and no basketball court in the world is safe.

Sixty years ago, the murders began in Berlin. But they did not end there.

Had the world stopped making excuses for Hitler, had ended German aggression and rearmament then, millions would have been spared the agonies of the
catastrophe that befell all mankind.

There is still time for the entire world to make ice cream parlors, supermarkets, playgrounds, and high schools safe. Still time for the world
to condemn, and punish, and cry out in moral outrage against the unique brand of barbarism ; still time to stop swallowing their excuses and listening to their warped, sick reasoning.

If we don’t, then when the sand in the hourglass sends its last grain to the bottom, we will all live in a world in which civilization and its norms have ceased to exist, and where Muslim fanatics, who have already created hell on earth in every country they rule, will take over the world, killing grandmothers in Paris, grandchildren in London, high school students in
Berlin and old men playing chess in Central Park. Ordinary citizens will be the victims of these mindless crimes.

And thus, ordinary citizens must be the ones to make their governments more responsive now; must be the ones who demand that the press reflect the danger to human civilization posed by terrorists, and that reporters discontinue their sympathetic embrace of crimes against humanity directed at Jews, now. Ordinary citizens must act, now. There isn’t much time left.

Naomi Ragen is an author and commentator. You may visit her site on:

We are grateful to Naomi for allowing us to reprint her columns.


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