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A Response to Yasser Arafat
Last uploaded : Tuesday 5th Feb 2002 at 19:19
Contributed by : David George


News (Reprinted with kind permission of Israel Media Image)


To Chairman Yasser Arafat [and the Editors of the New York Times]:

You signed the Oslo accords, promising to jail and disarm terrorists
and cease incitement of hatred and violence, as a non-negotiable
*prerequisite* to any future concessions by Israel. But rather than
fulfilling these obligations to enable a mutually beneficial peace
for Palestinians and Israelis, you decided instead to orchestrate
countless premeditated armed terrorist assaults throughout Israel and
the disputed territories, slaughtering 260 Israeli men, women,
children and babies since 9/00 (hundreds more since Oslo), and maiming
or injuring thousands. Your navy recently attempted to smuggle 50
tons(!) of illegal lethal weaponry and explosives from Iran into Gaza.
The hypocrisy of your pronouncements is further exposed by the
poisonous Arabic words with which you actively promote your genocidal
goal of destroying Israel and encouraging Palestinians of all ages and
both genders to die in the process of murdering Jews. Your true
Palestinian Vision of Hatred and Death permeates your PA-controlled
media, clergy and schooltexts - and your still unamended Fatah

No Mr. Arafat, you have absolutely no right to speak of peace in
English until you finally stop inciting hatred and lethal violence in

David George


* In Response To: The New York Times, 2002/02/03, Yasser Arafat,
Op-Ed: "The Palestinian Vision of Peace"

* Israeli citizens have been subjected to over 10,790 armed terrorist
assaults and attacks of all kinds throughout Israel and the disputed
territories to date, since the 2000/09/28 outbreak of the current
unceasing wave of Palestinian terror, as per
Israelis killed for the same time period now number 260, injured over
2,800 as per

* The Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the
Gaza Strip, Washington, D.C. (September 28, 1995) commits both sides
to a
"mutual commitment to act, in accordance with this Agreement,
immediately, efficiently and effectively against acts or threats of
terrorism, violence
or *** incitement ***,
whether committed by Palestinians or Israelis".

* On Friday 2001/08/03, officially sponsored PA TV under the direct
control of Chairman Arafat, broadcast a sermon in which the
Palestinian Moslem cleric called for the murder of all Jews, stating:

"Allah shall make the Moslem rule over the Jew, we will blow them up
in Hadera, we will blow them up in Tel-Aviv and in Netanya in the
righteousness of Allah against this riff-raff, we will fight against
them and rule over them until the Jew will hide behind the trees and
stones and the tree and stone will say: 'Moslem! Servant of Allah,
there is a Jew behind me, kill him!'... We bless all those who educate
their children to Jihad and to Martyrdom, blessings to he who shot a
bullet into the head of a Jew... All weapons must be aimed at the
Jews, at the enemies of Allah, the cursed nation in the Koran, whom
the Koran describes as monkeys and pigs, worshippers of the calf and
idol worshippers."
-Palestinian Media Watch, an independent, Jerusalem-based non-profit

* Such offically-broadcast incitement to murder of innocent civilians
has not stopped, reduced, or been criticized by Arafat in any way.
Arafat continues to shirk his responsibility to forcefully condemn and
stop this explicit incitement to lethal violence, as he promised in
numerous Oslo and post-Oslo written agreements.

* Far from recognizing Israel's right to exist, Arafat continues to
promote armed violence against Israel, even encouraging young children
to run to the front lines of Palestinian-provoked shooting assaults at
IDF forces, hoping they will die and thereby become useful human
ammunition in Arafat's expertly-played media manipulation strategy.
Here's one recent example: The 2001/12/17 edition of the Palestinian
daily newspaper Al-Ayyam depicted a young Palestinian boy bent over
(presumably in fear), apparently positioned by an older male, at a
location in the schoolyard which was extremely close to Palestinian
snipers. This photograph is described by Palestinian Media Watch, an
independent, Jerusalem-based non-profit organization, as follows:

"Palestinian Playground or Battlefield?

During the past 15 months, many Palestinian children have been caught
in cross fires, resulting in Israel suffering worldwide condemnation.

This photograph in a Palestinian daily captures what Israeli soldiers
have maintained all along - that young children are regularly
positioned in the vicinity of Palestinian snipers. This positioning
turns the kids into targets for flying bullets and into ammunition for
Palestinian propaganda."
-- PMW Bulletin, 2001/12/17, courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch,

* When interviewed by Jeffrey Goldberg of the The New Yorker magazine,
Arafat's senior military officer, Fatah Secretary General Marwan
Barghouti was asked "And if you get a hundred per cent [of the
disputed territories in the West Bank and Gaza]? Will that end the
conflict?". Rather than replying in the affirmative, Barghouti said
that even once Israel were to withdraw from 100% of the territories,
"Then we could talk about bigger things... I've always thought that a
good idea would be one state for all the peoples", i.e. the complete
eradication of a Jewish state of Israel.
- The New Yorker, 2001/07/09, "The Martyr Strategy: What does the new
phase of terrorism signify?"

* In the official constitution of Arafat's Fatah faction of the PLO
( www.fateh.net ,
Click on "Publications", then "Fateh Constitution", or directly as
): Article 12 still lists the goal of "Complete liberation of
Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military
and cultural existence", and Article 19 states that "Armed struggle
... will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished and
Palestine is completely liberated."

Despite highly-publicized media pronouncements promising to amend the
PLO Charter's genocidal call for the complete annihilation of Israel,
there has never been any formal amendment(!). As reported by former
US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Douglas Feith, shortly
after the 1998 Wye Accords:
"PA officials... have disclaimed any intention of fulfilling key
promises they made. Thus, one top-level PA official announced... that
'there will be no vote' to amend the PLO Charter."
-- Douglas J. Feith, "Wye and the road to war",
Commentary Magazine, 1999/01/01

A similar analysis was subsequently presented by David Frum in the
2000/10/14 National Post,
"The West: a dishonest broker in the Mideast"
in which Frum describes Arafat's failure to amend the PLO charter in
the larger context of his consistent strategy of ignoring his Oslo
commitments in favor of renewed war:

"The Oslo peace process imposed one and only one duty on the
Palestinian side in return for all the concessions they received from
Israel on land, water and security: to abjure violence. But again and
again since 1993 Arafat reneged on his easy side of the bargain.
He repeatedly refused to amend the PLO charter to recognize the
right of Israel to exist, despite his written promise to do so. In his
speeches, he called for jihad should the peace process fail to deliver
absolutely everything he wanted from it. His state-controlled media
continually urged renewed war. Even the textbooks in his schools
celebrated the murder of Jews. In 1996, Arafat actually went to war,
ordering his militiamen to attack Israeli settlements and troops,
ostensibly to protest the opening of a tunnel that permitted tourists
to view archaeological sites at the base of the Temple Mount, but in
reality to prod the complaisant Clinton administration into pressuring
Israel into another one-sided round of withdrawals."

* NOTE: Yasser Arafat is *not* a Palestinian.

As explained by the BBC, "From his earliest days, Arafat has
indulged in exaggeration and the weaving of myths about his life,
insisting, for example, that he was born in Jerusalem even though his
birth, in 1929, is clearly recorded in Egypt."
- BBC News, 2000/11/29, "Arafat: Flawed Symbol of Palestine", by
Gerald Butt, (paste these 2 lines together in your browser:)

More information on Arafat's birth in Cairo and his fascinating yet
utterly false pretense of having been born in Jerusalem (a particular
form of rewriting of his personal history which Arafat shares with
pro-Palestinian intellectual Edward Said) is available in an article
by Middle East expert Dr. Daniel Pipes:
"A Good Career Move", The Jerusalem Post, 1999/09/07


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