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The Enemy Within
Last uploaded : Saturday 19th Jan 2002 at 00:06
Contributed by : Ceebee Philips


News This week the people of Britain have been coming to terms with the unfolding web of Islamic extremism in their midst.

There are times when it seems we ‘goyim’ are a bit slow on the uptake in dealing with real danger. Neville Chamberlain’s ‘peace in our time’ was an all-time case of what my Jewish workmates good-naturedly call ‘goyishe kopp.’

But there is something deeper and more sinister afoot. All one has to do is spend a Sunday lunch with my Gran and my ex-RAF (retired) Uncle Clive to understand why we British have always, secretly, wanted the Arabs to win.

This Christmas, Uncle Clive was in an especially vitriolic mood. Every year at holiday time, since I was a little girl, we have had to listen to his stories of heroism under fire in pre-1948 Palestine as rampaging armies of sadistic, perverted Jews (his words, not mine) tried to kill every last British soldier. This year, he provided a new story none of us had ever heard before. He said that ‘the Jews lured British lads off the boats with thinly-clad girls and then used the boys for target practice.’ Whether or not this is true, the hatred with which Uncle Clive told this tale was frightening. How glad I was that I had not invited any of my Jewish work chums to spend Christmas with my less-than politically correct family.

Every year Granny always pipes up with her condemnation of ‘those ghastly Jewish terrorists' Yitzhak Rabin, Moshe Dayan, Yitzhak Shamir and Menachem Begin, all of whom she says Uncle Clive could have shot through the head had his CO allowed him.

By not arguing with my uncle and letting him engage in stream of consciousness over brandy after dinner, one hears a lengthy discourse on the crimes of the Jews. He will say, as do so many of our churchgoing villagers, that it is unforgivable that Palestinians should suffer because of ‘some mishap that went on in Europe’ (the Holocaust) and that the Jews will one day get their come-uppance when the Arabs get their act together and annihilate Israel.

I am afraid these sentiments are widespread and represent the majority view in Britain if the attitudes of family, church and neighbours are anything to go by. Even if Israel had behaved impeccably and had given the earth to the Palestinians, the kin with whom I share Sunday lunch behind the green baize curtains have a deeply ingrained dislike of Jews that translates as hatred of Israel. The behaviour of Robert Maxwell, Roger Levitt and Dame Shirley Porter are often subjects of discussion over sherry, and though one tries to bring up the names of equally corrupt non-Jews, the venom of the sherry-drinkers cannot be tempered. There is even the rationale that corrupt non-Jews ‘were led down the garden path ‘ by the evildoing Jews.

Someone once told me that Orde Wingate was murdered, not killed in a wartime air crash. When one so much as mentions his name to Uncle Clive, he turns peuce. To him, Wingate, the Christian pioneer of the Israel Defence Forces, was nothing short of a traitor. In his own words, ‘that bugger should have been strung up’ for helping the Jews secure a well-defended homeland.

It stands to reason that the British, whose shameful history where its Jews are concerned is a blot on the landscape of Christian history, would feel a bond with Muslims trying to destroy Israel, and to a lesser extent, symbols of American capitalism. It is not often mentioned that the World Trade Centre was owned by a wealthy Jewish entrepreneur. The villagers of whom I have spoken are outwardly cordial to our expatriate American neighbours, but when the sherry comes out at home, the dislike of Americans becomes an anti-Zionist verbal pogrom.

We British are masters of hypocrisy. Now we need to examine how our having turned a blind eye to Muslim extremists in our midst could result in our own demise. Neville Chamberlain seemed happy to appease Hitler. Let us not appease another dangerous movement that is not across the Channel but is, more worryingly, within our shores.


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