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The Monuments Men
Last uploaded : Saturday 14th Jan 2012 at 00:43
Contributed by : Estelle Lovatt


Ladies, Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney says he is off to war...
announcing, whilst at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, 7
January, that his subsequent film will be about "The Monuments Men"; the
World War II story that discovers the art historians who landed at Normandy
to save the art stolen by Hitler, whom, Clooney said, "Hid 27 Rembrandts in a

Clooney, and producing partner Grant Heslov, plan to script the story of
this movie, "The Monuments Men", based on Robert Edsel's book of 2009,
charting this team of eleven civilian art experts (including American's
Lincoln Kirstein, founder of the New York City Ballet; George Stout, who
worked at Harvard's Fogg Art Museum; and James J. Rorimer, from the
Metropolitan Museum). These people trained for war, and yet they faced live
fire, resulting in a couple of them dying on their mission. And on another
tack, somewhat humourous out of this tragedy - apparently these 'art' men
had to sporadically yell out battlefield instructions like "Don't aim your
tank over there; that's the Leaning Tower of Pisa!!"

Hitler was an uncompromising art lover--- a failed watercolourist who couldn't
gain entry into art school - his portfolio so poor in quality. And we know
he stashed art masterpieces everywhere. Both stashed or smashed! Don't
forget he destroyed much art - of which he coined Degenerate Art.

"And", to boot, Clooney adds, "there's also a great love story!", hanging on
Rose Valland, a member of the French resistance who assiduously pursued the
locality of stolen art. With Clooney both directing and co-starring in it,
it's going to be 'a sight for sore eyes'.... I've my popcorn ready, and I
want a seat right on the front line.

Estelle Lovatt


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