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The Guardian: Fight Israel, Not Each Other
Last uploaded : Thursday 19th Jul 2007 at 02:34
Contributed by : The Editor


July 17, 2007

If one blinks one will miss a fleeting line at the end of a bitter diatribe by Ghada Karmi in today’s ‘Guardian.’


She provides a narrative of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and laments the divisions between Fatah and Hamas. In the final paragraph she says, ‘Only by shedding their differences and regrouping to fight their real enemy, and not each other, will the Palestinians have finally learned the lessons of history.’

If one is to interpret this as it appears, she is saying that the Palestinian factions must stop their internecine strife and unite in order to achieve the noble goal of destroying Israel.

In her narrative she notes that, ‘The western powers… are fatally compromised by their devotion to Israel's regional supremacy.’ Thank goodness for that. Imagine the region being dominated by one of the many regimes that routinely chop off people’s extremities, stone women to death, brutally persecute homosexuals and regularly call for the extermination of any other state or system that does not adhere to its retrogressive and fundamentalist creed.

Karmi mentions the Husseinis with considerable admiration. Regrettably she does not mention the fact that the fierce and relentless determination by the Grand Mufti, Haj amin al Husseini, to support the Third Reich even resulted in a Berlin office space provided by Hitler‘s henchmen. Young Muslim students attending a seminar by Alan Dershowitz last year at the University of London were genuinely stunned to learn of the extent of the Husseini role in leading Palestinian support for the SS. But of course the ‘Guardian’ provides none of this background and instead gives ubiquitous exposure to the Karmi line: the goodies are anybody who wants the Jews routed from the region once and for all.

During the past week I have been studying the thread that runs through the British media and more specifically ‘The Guardian.’ Its readers and bloggers sustain a perpetual rant about the ‘ethnic cleansing of Arabs’ by Israel and the evils of worldwide Zionism. ( If Israel ‘ethnically cleanses,’ why do over a million Arabs live inside Israel?)

The level of hate allowed to fester in the pages of ‘Comment is Free’ is shameful. If one complains about inappropriate content on the Guardian’s discussion pages, the excision of offensive material rarely occurs. What is even more astonishing is that the BBC Radio website has allowed a blogger to register this message: ‘Zionism is a racist ideology where jews are given supremacy over all other races and faiths. This is found in the Talmud. There is a law called Baba Mezia which allows jews to lie as long as its to non-jews..’

In these pages we have written many times about the abject hatred of ‘Zionazis’ being spewed on the pages of MPACUK, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, which boasts offices across the United Kingdom and holds ‘Jihad training’ sessions on the British mainland. MPACUK’s leader, Asghar Bukhari, receives regular exposure in the media and on 11 July vented his spleen at Liberal Democrat MP Evan Davis MP, screeching that he is an extremist for defending the proposed knighthood of Salman Rushdie.

It is therefore no surprise that ‘The Guardian’ offers frequent vent for Ghada Karmi and Ahdaf Soueif, whose repetitious whingeing about the powerless Arabs of the Middle East are always accompanied by despair over the West’s support for Israel.

Now, however -- and this is significant -- a ‘Guardian’ writer is actually openly calling for the destruction of Israel in a column. When Ghada Karmi says Fatah and Hamas must unite to fight the ‘real enemy’ she means there is no scope for any Middle East summit, any peace process, any road map, any compromise. She means Israel must be eliminated. She means six million Jews must be routed or killed. She means she does not care if every Israeli is slaughtered.

Needless to say the bloggers are having a field day supporting her views. Some would love to travel to the region to hasten the demise of evil Israel, with its symphony orchestras, ballet and opera companies, art galleries and scientific institutions not to mention its dynamic judiciary, love parades, gay pride marches and maverick press. Ghada Karmi wants the Final Solution to be enacted, sixty years after Hitler failed. She wants the Middle East to sink into a one-faith world of oppressive dictatorships and endless, violent tribal infighting. If the Guardian-reading segment of Britain thinks this manifestation of Jihadist triumphalism and re-establishment of the Caliphate will end terrorism, it is sadly mistaken. The demise of Israel will be the springboard for a dark age for nearby Europe.

If this is what British mainstream newspapers endorse then I am resuming my search for a little house on the American prairie.

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