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'Those Who Cure You Will Kill You'
Last uploaded : Tuesday 3rd Jul 2007 at 23:00
Contributed by : The Editor


Editor's Update:
The following breaking story on bio-terror has now appeared on 12 July on Sky News UK:

http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-1274865,00.html .

ĎThose who cure you will kill you.í

(Words spoken to Canon Andrew White in Jordan by an Imam prior to the London Doctorsí Bombing Plot)
Were the Terror Doctors Planning a Biological Attack?
by Carol Gould
3 July 2007

On Saturday 30 June I decided to venture off to Olympia Exhibition Centre and attend the Travel Fair, notwithstanding the fact that central London had been in lockdown for twenty-four hours because of the bomb-laden vehicles discovered in Haymarket and Park Lane.

The exhibition was poorly attended; usually a Saturday at Olympia would be a stampede. I wandered around and stopped at the Scottish smoked foods stand. Nibbling a free sample I decided to sit down and look at the news on my cellphone. The bulletin about the attack on Glasgow Airport was coming through. Soon the news seemed to spread through the exhibition hall. With typical British stoicism the exhibitors carried on, but the young women at the Scottish stand soon realised they would not be able to fly home.

Stoicism and Scottish pluck turned to alarm. I wished them well and made my way home. On the long bus journey across greater London people sat in silence. I read the latest bulletins on my cellphone. A woman opposite me asked me if I had any news. Just then five Arabic-speaking young men piled onto the bus screaming and laughing to high heaven. They were having a raucous time and the rest of the passengers were not pleased. What they found so hilarious will forever be a mystery as I do not understand Arabic, but I was soon home and away from their clamour.

Late that night news began to trickle in about one of the Glasgow terror suspects being a medical doctor.

A thought immediately entered my mind: was this the biological attack we have all been fearing since 9/11? Was this meant to be an assault on hundreds of thousands of unprotected Britons who would be infected with some horrific spores cultivated by a doctor of death? My mind travelled back to the period after 9/11 when Britons were racing to buy gas masks. Israel is the only country on earth prepared for a biological or chemical attack, because the Jewish people of that tiny, beleaguered state have been under siege from hostile neighbours --including those living inside its borders -- since 1948 and even before. Every Israeli is required by law to own a functioning gas mask, and the government runs regular inspections to be sure every citizen is protected. All dwellings built since the Gulf War have bio-chem protection rooms and hotels have underground bunkers.

Now that it is emerging that the eight suspects in the London and Glasgow terror cell have worked as doctors or laboratory technicians, it is my estimation that a catastrophic biological attack has been thwarted. If the medical personnel had access to infectious material or even the crudest cultures and spores, the proliferation of this material in the two planned bombs in London would have affected thousands not jut in the Tiger, Tiger nightclub but in the West End and possibly beyond.

The last Doctor of Death to work for political ends in the business of genocide was Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death at Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp in wartime Poland. His cruelty knew no bounds. Bin Ladenís deputy is a doctor. Now we have what appears to be a team that managed to convince its closest associates that its work was for the good of the patients. In fact, the doctors who carried out the attack in Glasgow were not interested in the safety and wellbeing of their patients, let alone the passengers who fled screaming from their flaming jeep. When the London gas canisters began to issue a steam-like substance one could not help but think of biological warfare. In Glasgow the perpetrators wanted to die and take others with them -- the ultimate betrayal of the Hippocratic Oath.

The others in custody have yet to be proven terrorists. What we do know for sure is that the men apprehended in Glasgow are young doctors who took that oath and were rewarded with jobs in the National Health Service.

This morning I had a checkup at a London breast clinic. My surgeonís walls are covered in citations and distinctions. This man, now in his sixties, has watched countless women wither and die despite his best efforts. In my case I had a miraculous escape from breast cancer, thanks to his vigilance. He sees hundreds of women each year but his joy at my clear tests and tissue samples moved me. This devoted doctor, a decent, grounded citizen and the best of the British medical profession, would never hurt a fly.

Then there are the individuals arrested this weekend. Under our ridiculously inadequate custody laws the police must find enough evidence to justify their continued custody in just a few days.

All we in the United Kingdom can do is pray that this was the only biological attack averted. As we appear to have psychopaths in our midst willing to minister to the sick by day and commit mass-murder in their leisure time, the government must act to provide every British citizen with a gas mask as is the law in Israel.

I was not at all surprised by the attacks of the past weekend. If one reads, as I do, the angry messages of the young British Muslims whose Jihadist rally in December 2005

http://www.currentviewpoint.com/cgibin/news.cgi?id=11&command=shownews&newsid=826 .

so horrified me, these events are not a sudden departure from the norm.

It would also behoove the British public to expend its energies less on boycotts of Israel and instead turn to the Israelis for help and advice on defending our nation against the scourge of radical ideologies that have led to death and mayhem in the Middle East for decades.

The government must heed the words issued this week by the brave young British Muslims Ed Husain, Hassan Butt and Asim Siddiqui, all of whom beg the country to understand that radical Islam must no longer be allowed to flourish in this country.

Read Butt and Siddiqui:


http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/asim_siddiqui/2007/07/not_in_our_name.html .
Full text of Canon White's Report on the Imam:

http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1273646,00.html .


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