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The US Congress is Not 'Israeli-Occupied'
Last uploaded : Thursday 3rd Aug 2006 at 21:42
Contributed by : Carol Gould


Today I received a newsletter from Dr Sam Bahour, an American doctor who lives in Ramallah. I do not refute the fact that his life is difficlut and that many wrongs must be righted in the Holy Land.
However, he has referred to the United States Congress as 'Israeli-occupied.'

I usually appreciate and take onboard Sam's thoughtful letters. However I will not let such a comment about the United States Congress pass unanswered. Sam's original mailing is under my letter.

Here is my reply:

America is still an anti-Semitic (as in anti-Jewish,) WASP stronghold with a huge Catholic votership that will soon overturn Roe vs Wade.

The Jews have little power and your incessant harping about the Israeli-occupied Congress IS deeply offensive. How would you like it if you got an email list note about the 'Muslim-occupied Congress?'

America is overwhelmingly Christian in character; there are still apartment buildings that have an unwritten rules about NO JEWS. The most powerful men in media in the USA are Trump, Murdoch and Turner, all WASPs. Jews still cannot readily get jobs in commercial BANKS -- here or in the UK.

Jews still cannot join some Florida or Connecticut country clubs. I went to see 'Bridge and Tunnel' last week in NY, and the black actress who performs in it did a moving skit about a Jewish woman immigrant trekking across New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the 1950s, trying to find a rooming house without a sign saying 'No Jews.'

Jewish members of Congress like Carl Levin, Chuck Schumer, Joe Lieberman, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are all DEMOCRATS. The Jews of America have always been overwhelmingly liberal (85% Democrat) and at one time many Jewish-Americans were considered a threat to national security due to their suspected extreme Left-wing views. The HUGE MAJORITY of Congress is white Christian. If the Jews wielded such political clout, would not Al Gore have won by a landslide in 2000 with Joe Lieberman as his running-mate?

You insult the mighty and brilliant and dynamic and heroic Jewish community of the USA that has proudly served the US flag since colonial times and has brought staggering talent and cultural greatness to America. You insult the memory of Arthur Miller, the great Jewish playwirght and that of Jonas Salk, whose polio vaccine keeps millions of MUSLIMS Polio-free. You insult the hundreds of thousands of brave members of the Jewish War Veterans who have served in both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam.

'The Nation' [Magazine] is a bunch of Leftists who have no idea how things really run. I read the article and it could have been written by Jew-haters from the British BNP (' the Jews run everything, have a stranglehold over us poor goyim etc etc' --- that is what Goebbels and Streicher also said) -- the AIPAC conference was held, like loads of other lobbyists' conferences, across the street from me. Today the streets are heaving with 'Arhcivists' conferencing from all over the world. Next week it could be the worldwide Gay movement. Nobody has to attend if they do not want to. It is heinous and reprehensible for you or The Nation to suggest that the Jews have some sort of hold over Americans who choose to attend these events.

I usually enjoy and pass on your newsletters but this time you have overstepped the mark.
When MUSLIMS can make 1% of the immense contribution Jews have made to the rich culture and success of America, I will stand up and cheer. So far the only knowledge of Muslims by Americans is that Mohammad Atta asked to be shaved and not touched when he achieved martyrdom on 9/11, killing 3,000 hard-working, early-rising workers.

Back to the Jews: Their tiny land in Palestine, an oasis of orchards and concert halls and opera houses and scientific genius has been trying to survive amongst millions of hostile neighbours most of whom are stuck in the twelfth century, since 1948. THAT IS A FACT.

Shame on you for making this slur on the Jewish people of America. They have brought only pride, hard work, achievement in every field of endeavour in the USA from baseball to Olympic swimming to symphony conducting to world-accalimed art to theatre to literature and science to industry and commerce, despite anti-Semites like Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and Henry Ford trying to stop their progress.
I could go on; you have incensed me and done nothing to make me want to send any help to Palestine or Lebanon. My next donation WILL now go to Magen David Adom, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and to the Anti-Defamation league of B'nai B'rith.
Carol Gould
Washington DC and London

----- Original Message -----
From: Sam Bahour
To: epalestine@lists.riseup.net
Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2006 5:51 PM
Subject: [ePalestine] [TAKE ACTION!] Thank Senator Hagel for his leadership!

Dear friends,

Given that the Congress is Israeli Occupied Territory, the attached is a rather significant development from a veteran politician. He is a Republican too!

Take action today, call, fax, email, etc a message of support to Senator Hagel for his position. I met him in a closed door meeting in Ramallah a few months back and I think he is on the right track. You do not need to be from Nebraska. The man is likely aiming for the Presidency, so every call counts.

Time is of essence,

P.S. If anyone is taking me to task on Congress being Israeli Occupied Territory, please read this brief NATION article on how the US Congress "works," titled, AIPAC's Hold:



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