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Mossaoui: the Personification of Evil?
Last uploaded : Friday 14th Apr 2006 at 16:18
Contributed by : The Editor


Something very interesting is happening because of the trial of Zacarious Mossaoui, the ‘twentieth hijacker.’

Americans, even the most conservative and reactionary, are seeing first-hand the abject hatred and fury I witnessed at London’s Excel Centre on 4th December 2005, where a “Peace and Unity Conference’ unfolded as a Jihadists’ Nuremberg Rally.

My article about the event got a great deal of worldwide attention but the bottom line was the anger of some in the British Muslim community, who seemed to think the reports from the non-Muslim press about their rally was a fantasy. MPAC UK was quick off the mark to label me 'number one Islamophobe' alongside their supreme nemesis Dr. Daniel Pipes. (If you want to see really scary USA/Jew-hatred go to the MPAC UK website blogs.)

I was sitting in the front row at the Excel Centre and did not imagine Imran Khan, the legendary cricketer, suggesting 9/11 was not perpetrated by Jihadists and saying we should feel sorry for the Muslim world, suffering as did Germany, and later Hitler after the humiliation of the Versailles Treaty. I did not imagine an imam beamed in from Pakistan making grossly unfair and distorted accusations against the USA, Israel and world Jewry and reminding us that the late Muhammed Ali Jinna had bemoaned the creation of Israel as the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century. (Never mind the Holocaust, which most decent folk consider the great crime of the century if not of all time.) I did not imagine George Galloway exhorting this mostly young and impressionable crowd of 25,000 Muslims to take to the streets if Palestine and Iraq were not soon redeemed.

What I found most alarming about this event was the seething anger amongst these well-dressed, well-spoken young British men and women of the Muslim faith, whose fury seemed completely out of proportion to the lives they have been afforded in this magnificent Western democracy and cultural mecca of Great Britain. That 25,000 young people could spend eight hours listening to endless speeches about the crimes of their own country, the UK, of the USA, or world Jewry and of Israel, is lamentable considering the rich selection of activities available to all of us in this historic capital city of Dickens, Garrick and Dr Johnson.

Watching the extensive coverage of the Mossaoui trial in Alexandria, Virginia on cable television, what strikes me most is the utter astonishment felt by American reporters and commentators. It is as if Americans still do not grasp what a ruthless, blood-curdling enemy they are up against. The shock, pain and sometimes tears of the ordinarily tough American anchors and network star reporters have been notable. One CNN journalist said the press corps in the courtroom had been reduced to tears, as had several jurors.

When I was at the Excel Centre the rhetoric was of total war against Americans, Britons and Jews. What is important to point out here is that 9/11 happened BEFORE Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney had any public profile, before the Iraq invasion, before Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo and before revelations about ‘rendering’ of Muslim prisoners to foreign governments that routinely torture.

It is vital to point out that when I was making a documentary in late 1998 about the three monotheistic faiths and was told I would be ‘killed’ if I went anywhere near the Regent’s Park Central Mosque on a Friday, that was long, long before Bush and Company became the reason for ‘Muslim rage.’ That the 7/7 enquiry in the UK has placed part of the blame for the July 2005 London bombings on Muslim anger over the Iraq war is folly. I was told by my Libyan cameraman that if I dared go to the London Mosque the ‘crazies’ would kill me and there would be ‘an international incident.’ This because he said they thought I was American and, as he put it, ‘from the Jewish.’

Again, I emphasise that this chilling threat occurred when Bill Clinton was President and there was a reasonable dialogue going on in the world. It should also be noted here that the al Qaeda bombings of American legations in Africa happened in 1998, and that Clinton was still in office when the USS Cole was bombed in Yemen.

I hear a lot of bleating from Americans about the Evangelical Christian Right and about smoking. Mossaoui wants all of the USA to go up in flames, whether we smoke or not. He would still go out and commit another 9/11. Bizarrely he even suggested President Bush would have to release him in exchange for prisoners, and of course he said he would then be able to go back to London. (London, whose Mayor defames Jewish reporters, calls the US ambassador a ‘chiselling little crook’ and who says Jewish entrepreneurs should ‘go back to Iran and live under the ayatollahs.’) It would be useful if Americans, mostly those on the Left, would see the threat from radical Islam and stop obsessing on the Christian Right.

Zacariuos Mossaoui has shown lively amusement when survivors of 9/11 have wept on the stand retelling the horror of that day. He has shouted ‘May you all burn!’ when leaving the courtroom and has laughed at the images of charred bodies. He has mimicked and parodied witnesses from the Trade towers and Pentagon, and has even mocked a surviving 9/11 parent whose children still scream at night. He is the personification of evil, will stop at nothing to kill and maim Americans, Jews and other Westerners, and is, sadly, mirrored in the faces and voices I saw in London last December.

The war on terror has been fought by Israel since before the state was founded. Whether it can ever be won is to me an uncertainty seeing the enthusiasm British audiences seem to have for anti-American and anti-Jewish plays, rallies and literature. America may have to go it alone. In this Holy season, I wish them Godspeed.

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