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The Historic Defeat of Tony Blair
Last uploaded : Wednesday 9th Nov 2005 at 23:48
Contributed by : The Editor



filed 9 November 2005

'..It is better sometimes to lose doing the right thing than to win doing the wrong thing.."
Prime Minister Tony Blair
9 November 2005

It is vitally important for those outside the United Kingdom to understand both the implications and the complexities of the defeat by Tony Blair?s government in the gravely important Anti-Terror Bill in Parliament today. What is crucial for the world to know is that 72% of the British public in various polls this week said they wanted the 90 day rule passed.

Shockingly Parliament, including many opposition Conservatives, defied the British people and voted against the Bill at a time when ordinary citizens are fearful of further Jihadist attacks and of a nationwide Intifadah akin to the one unfolding across the Channel in France.

Tony Blair has been defeated in the Commons live on national television on a major Bill for the first time in his Prime Ministership. The Bill provided police and security services 90 days to process and begin interrogation of terror suspects and/or al Qaeda/Jihadists arrested in the UK. Defeat of the bill effectively means that police have only 28 days to process and begin unravelling terror plots and plotters. More significantly, it is a defeat of Tony Blair by a House full of MPs who seem to think they can overrule the wishes of the British public because of their anger at the British Iraq commitment.

Even more significantly, those outside Britain will not know how the BBC handled today's tragic vote. The barely-disguised glee amongst television anchors and commentators was breathtaking even by West-bashing BBC standards. After the vote the BBC wheeled in an endless stream of Muslim leaders, mosque activists, human rights activists and ultra-Left-wing MPs ( in the UK ultra-Left means to the Left of Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky) , but not one ordinary Briton was interviewed. Not one MP who voted for the Bill was interviewed. The ubiquitous Sir Iqbal Sacranie, who was an activist years ago in the Fatwa against Rushdie; who publicly refuses to criticise suicide bombers and who wants Holocaust Memorial Day removed, was on air for what seemed an eternity and his joy could barely be contained. The BBC set up a mobile studio outside the main mosque in Bradford and kept repeatedly interviewing two young men who were clearly ecstatic that the anti-Terror Bill had been defeated. On various street corners a microphone was thrust in fromt of Muslims who were numb with happiness that the Bill -- and 'Bush's puppy dog Blair' -- had been quashed.

Despite my ability to change minds and inform the public as a journalist, I feel powerless and helpless as a British voter. 70% of us -- registered British voters -- wanted the House of Commons to approve the Bill and lock up suspected terrorists in our midst for ninety days minimum, but our elected representatives chose to cave in to the relentless browbeating we receive every day from Islamic radicals given endless media exposure, not to mention my fellow journalists who write daily diatribes against the United States, Israel and Blair?s attachment to the American war on terror. Yes, it is not beyond the realms of reality that even the most conservative of House members has been brainwashed by the mountain of reportage in Britain that daily condemns America and Israel.

During the debate today in the Commons a member of the Loyal Opposition shouted at the Prime Minister, ?Are we to live in a police state?? Blair was nonplussed and visibly shaken. His anger could barely be controlled. There we were: a member of the House repeating the refrain of every media outlet in Britain that -- despite July 7th -- we risk becoming a ?police state? or a ?fascist state like the USA? if we crack down on home-grown terrorists. Instead, we must wheel out every permutation of Islamic spokesperson to tell us how evil our culture is and how Britain has become a lapdog to Washington Zionist neocons. We must, they shout, not listen to the police and security services but let terrorists go back out onto the streets after twenty-eight days in custody.

One BBC reporter breathlessly expressed her view that this vote ?will be a supreme embarrassment? for Prime Minister Blair. How is it embarrassing? If the majority of British voters, watching a bloody Intifadah exploding in the rest of Europe and having seen fifty-two of our own blown up on July 7th, want the 90-Dya Rule adopted, the mood of the people is one of anger. The BBC and the Left-wing media, who now totally dominate the thought patterns of Great Britain, inform us that he is ?embarrassed? when in fact the general public is dismayed and alarmed that he could be so defeated. The fact that every Muslim activist interviewed on television tonight is filled with happiness indicates that the United Kingdom is headed for a sorry future. If anything, Europe needed a Patriot Act long ago.

Imagine if the French Intifadah happens here in the UK and the already-overburdened police are saddled with processing hundreds of suspects with a 28-day limit??

It is a dark day for Europe.


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