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Might Britain Explode?
Last uploaded : Saturday 16th Jul 2005 at 05:36
Contributed by : The Editor


Readers of this magazine may wonder why there has been a decline in volume in our content. We have no shortage of material available for our ?Guest Opinions? section, but our main section at the top of the homepage has been bereft of material for a specific reason.

In recent months we have been at the receiving end of -- well, not exactly hate mail -- a few letters branding us right-wing lunatics and dangerous, ?batty? American patriots. One correspondent pleaded with us to ?stop writing about America.? Well, the last clutch of editorials has been about Yad Vashem, Manchester United, whether al-Jazeera influences young Muslims or not, and the British MP George Galloway. Articles all about America? Hello?Perhaps the person complaining about our waxing lyrical about America is annoyed because in nine months over here, we have yet to find anything distasteful about America or Americans.

It all came to a head about a month ago when we wrote about the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK, and the irrational hatred and death threats to Malcolm Glazer, again in the turbulent UK. We received a series of tiresome e-mails from one reader who felt it was unseemly for anyone to suggest that there is any anti-Jewish activity in Great Britain.

What this did was wear me down and make me wonder if it was worth continuing with the site at all. My last piece was on 19 June, when I warned that the liberal bias of the British and European media would lead to a terror atrocity being perpetrated in the United Kingdom. In December 2000 I had written in a private capacity to Ian Mayes, reader ombudsman at ?The Guardian? newspaper, to warn him that if articles continued to appear about the evils of Israel and America, Arabs would be provoked into attacks against the general population. This letter accidentally appeared on the Letters page and I was promptly branded a ?racist? by several friends and neighbours in London. In January 2001, jus ta month later, Faisal Bodi penned an article entitled ?Israel Simply Has no Right to Exist? in the Guardian, but of course my friends and neighbours did not write in to accuse him of anti-Semitism and of wishing genocide on six million Israeli Jews.

So, here we are a week after London was rocked by a series of hideous terror attacks. It is the head of Scotland Yard?s worst nightmare come true. I am being called a prophet by many and am featured as a prescient sage on Melanie Phillips? diary.

The British papers have been brimming with editorials about the causes of the bombings, all of which add up to the crimes of the USA and the ?dust? that is Palestine. Well, here is what one of us wrote to a columnist:

?Dear Sir,
I am an American who lived happily in the UK until I could no longer tolerate the verbal abuse I was receiving in Edgware Road and other parts of London and the UK from aggressive and arrogant Muslims. I was threatened with death when I wanted to visit the Regent's Park mosque in 1998, because I was 'from the Jewish' -- this in my own neighbourhood!
I am sick to death of reading (as in your Guardian column) about the dust and poverty of Palestine. My impoverished grandparents saved a nickel a week to put into a 'Blue Box' so that trees could bloom in the desert of Palestine that was turned into a culture-filled orchard by my fellow Jews. Israel is filled with magnificent concert halls, theatres, dance schools and academic institutions -- not to mention the moshavim and kibbutzim filled with hard-working Israelis who grow every imaginable fruit and veg -- all funded by donations from the small population of Jews around the world.

?Billions have poured into Palestine for years from the Arab League and even from well-meaning Jews like my British friends in Peace Now -- where has it gone???? Every penny from the Jewish Agency goes for good works: libraries, cultural centres and homes for the elderly. Everyone in the world condemns the 'settlers' -- how many have blown themselves up or hijacked airplanes???

'When is the Muslim and Arab world going to tackle the appalling corruption in your own countries that deprive your people of a decent life? The BBC brainwashes Britain into thinking the evil Israelis just love making a career out of killing Palestinians. Golda Meir said it broke her heart that the terrorists forced Israel's precious sons to kill and be killed. No Jew ever wants to kill. How many rabbis in the UK are exhorting Jewish kids to go out and commit jihad???(How many Jews are in prison for murder??) May I tell you that when Rabin was winning the Nobel Prize, more bombs were going off in Israel than ever before. ?

Note: The article to which this letter refers is:


So, we are still up against the British media, who seem to have an obsession about demonstrating that ?Iraq and Palestine? are behind the ?rage? of four middle class men from middle England. Labour MP s are gathering momentum in bringing to the attention of the Prime Minister the influence foreign policy has had on Muslim youth in Britain. My response:

May I remind Labour MPs that when World Trade Centre attack one occurred in 1993, there was no Republican warmongering : Bill Clinton was President and Rabin was making peace with the Palestinians; when 9/11 occurred there was no Iraq War, no Abu Ghraib and no Gitmo to 'provoke' young Muslims.

When the Jews went to Palestine to seek a home after the European holocaust, they had done nothing to harm Muslims and wanted to live side by side with their Arab neighbours in peace, but a war declared by the Arab nations ensued as soon as statehood was declared by the UN. The overwhelming number of victims of terror in Israel have been innocent civilians.
To blame Iraq or anything else is an insult to the victims of 7/7. Death and mayhem are being preached within our shores and that is the cause of terror, not the liberation of the Iraqi people from yet another Middle Eastern despot.

The head of Scotland Yard?s anti-terror branch has said today that further attacks on the United Kingdom mainland are likely. The US attacked Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11. It is too awful to contemplate the idea that Britain could erupt from within, especially after the Olympic City win for 2012. However if further violence from home-grown Muslim terrorists brings murder and mayhem to the United Kingdom, there will be rage from ordinary Britons. Those of us who warned of this scenario feel vindicated, but what a tragic price to have paid for recognition of our prophecies.

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