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TV Networks Must Clarify these Inaccuracies
Last uploaded : Monday 21st Jun 2004 at 22:36
Contributed by : The Editor



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Photograph: 'Free Palestine' demonstrators in Trafalgar Square May 2004

Every time I open a newspaper or look at television (other than Fox ) it seems there is a running mantra about ?the Jews? controlling the world?s media or ? the Washington neo cons ? ( translation: Jews Perle, Wolfowitz and Feith) .

Tonight on a CNN Special about the handover of power to Iraq?s people on 1st July, a panel of Iraqis from various professions, as well as a studio audience, traded observations about media coverage of the Middle East. This appears to be a topic that engenders considerable passion. It was noted that in the days of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the Arab world was in the dark about the ?true story? because satellite television was not yet available in the region in 1982. This led a member of the audience to state that ?the Jews run the American media? hence the world only gets the Jewish view. Neither the host of the programme, Jim Clancy, nor any member of the panel corrected this lie.

My understanding is that CNN was founded by Ted Turner and that the Sky - Fox mega-networks and film empires are run by Rupert Murdoch. If CBS, NBC and ABC are run by Jews why has there never been a Jewish prime-time anchorman? The head of the powerful Federal Communications Commission is the son of Colin Powell. George Soros, one of the richest Jewish moguls in the world, loathes George Bush, would sacrifice his fortune to see the Bush team defeated in November and is not known as a Zionist. There would be an outcry if an audience member on BBC said ?The media are run by Muslims so we do not get a fair view.?

If anything, I would suspect that the ?Jews? (Who are they? Why did Jim Clancy not ask this audience member to name them?) who are in the American media are liberals who support the Democratic party, supported Oslo and are in despair over the rise of Ariel Sharon. These fine points should have been explained by Clancy. One went away from the programme furious that a worldwide audience is left with the fact that Jews run the world?s media and therefore we only get the Zionist point of view.

There is a strong belief amongst Israel-supporters that the BBC's reporters in the field are biased against Israel; if the BBC is run by Zionists then why would there be so many negative broadcasts?

There has been a degree of glee in the United Kingdom about the professional demise of Barbara Amiel, wife of Lord Black; he is being accused of mishandling of funds in his Hollinger/Telelgraph Group of companies. I will lay my cards on the table and say I have always been an admirer of Lord and Lady Black, especially in the pre-9/11, pre-Intifadah days when Lord Black referred to Uk coverage of Israel as ?Goebbels-like. ? (Think about it: when Bill Clinton was trying to make peace and Israel was under Barak and there was no wall, the UK media still wrote diatribes about the renegade Jews and their oppressive state. In January, 2001, when the al Aqsa Intifadah started, Faisal Bodi in ?The Guardian? wrote an article entitled ?Israel Simply Has No Right to Exist.?) Barbara Amiel was an eloquent and forceful speaker and tireless guest of charitable groups as well as being a first-rate journalist. It has been reported in the British press that there is ?considerable glee? that the ?Zionist? Amiel is now off the Telegraph and ?Spectator? writers? roster.

So, what should Jews do? This week, two synagogues in London were torched and hundreds of priceless books rescued by Holocaust survivors were destroyed. Fleet Street celebrates the end of a ?Zionist? lady writer?s career and the papers periodically blame every ill in Iraq on the ?Washington neo-cons.? Robert Fisk is implying, between the lines, that the Israelis had a hand in Abu Ghraib. Such evil people, these Jews! Wherever they appear, trouble follows! Sound familiar? If you cannot stand to look at your miserable self in the mirror, BLAME THE JEWS!

One thing that is a relief these days: after four years of warning colleagues and friends that Jew-hatred is on the rise as I have never seen it in my lifetime, I am no longer called paranoid and neurotic. Let us put it all in perspective: the kids at Abu Ghraib were not Jews, nor are any members of Bush?s Cabinet. The mass media are run by white men who go to church.

May I suggest that when lies about Jews are perpetrated on television or in the print media wherever you may be, please complain to the perpetrators? These lies cannot be allowed to implant themselves in the psyches of audiences around the globe. I have asked CNN to clarify the jibe about Jews and wait to see their reaction. Watch this space.


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