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When the Chips are down, Blame Rumsfeld's Neo-Con Zionists!
Last uploaded : Sunday 30th May 2004 at 22:58
Contributed by : Cay Philips


The events of the past three weeks: the Abu Ghraib prison affair; the Israeli losses in Gaza and the subsequent house demolitions; the raid on Ahmed Chalabi?s premises in Iraq and his implication by the media as an ?Iranian spy;? the relieving of Gen Sanchez of his command in Iraq and the announcement by US Attorney General John Ashcroft of a terror alert at which his own Homeland Security Secretary seems to scoff have contributed to an atmosphere of unease around the world. As terrorists determined to unseat the Saudi Royal Family and cut off the West?s oil supplies laid siege to an oil employees? living compound in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Americans are angry that prices at the petrol pumps are rising by several cents a day, not a week. Although real estate prices are booming in the UK and USA, their electorates are so deeply polarised that neither nation?s leadership no longer has a majority.

Amid these unsettling developments a disturbing mantra has entered public discussion. Sen Ernest Hollings of South Carolina;


Gen Anthony Zinni


and the British journalist Robert Fisk are actively and loudly suggesting that the Iraq war and the abuses at Abu Ghraib arose from a scenario devised by a group of Jews.

In this article in the British daily newspaper ?The Independent,?


Robert Fisk suggests that Israeli methods are matched by those at Abu Ghraib. Gen Zinni and Sen Hollings are adamant that a group of Jews in the Bush Administration, along with the ?Zionist lobby? bullied President Bush and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld into attacking Iraq and putting American troops in harm?s way to protect Israel. Last year, the senior British MP and ?father of the House of Commons? Tam Dalyell told ?Vanity Fair? that President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair were bulldozed into their policy decisions by an obdurate ?cabal of Jews.? How can anyone forget Richard Perle?s face when he was asked by an earnest BBC investigative reporter how he felt being part of a ?sort of Mafia??

This accusation does not require a long and detailed editorial from me.

I have a simple answer to this classic, centuries-old tactic of blaming Jews when things go wrong: because I do extensive research every day to keep this website accurate and useful to its readers, I keep track of events in the White House, State Department and Pentagon. Whenever President Bush holds a Cabinet meeting the press is allowed to attend --albeit for a limited time -- and the photographs taken show a collection of Christians. Their names: Dick Cheney; Colin Powell (his Deputy being Dick Armitage); Ann Veneman; Donald Rumsfeld; Dr Condoleeza Rice; Don Evans; John Ashcroft; Spencer Abraham (not Jewish!); Karl Rove; Andrew Card; Elaine Chao; Gale Norton; Rod Paige; John Snow; Tommy Thompson; Tom Ridge; Anthony Principi and Alphonso Jackson. The spiritual advisor to the President is Revd Franklin Graham and his 2004 re-election Campaign chairman is Marc Racicot. In the background one assumes President Bush Senior -- no great Israel-lover -- is advising his son.

NOT A JEW IN SIGHT!!! The growing chorus of people who accuse American Jews in the Bush Administration of orchestrating American policy in Iraq and Israel seem to forget that Israel was not begging the USA to rid the world of Saddam. I am not intimately involved in the inner workings of the Pentagon but I cannot recall seeing President Bush strolling in the Rose Garden with Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz, the three of whom -- yes, neo-conservatives -- seem to be the ?axis of evil Jews? the critics of Bush and Sharon policy accuse of running the greatest power in the world.

Bill Clinton, who tirelessly spearheaded the Oslo peace process in the Middle East and brought a huge economic boom and surplus to the USA, was surrounded by Jews. I do not recall Sen Hollings; the BBC; Robert Fisk or Gen Zinni accusing the United States of being run by a cabal of Jews during the Clinton years. There were so many Jews in the Clinton team that there were even two Rubins!

Anyone who thinks that Dick Cheney; Don Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and the Bush family itself are cowering under the yoke of megalomanical Jews (Wolfowitz, Perle and Feith, according to the critics of Bush policies) underestimates the power of these formidable non-Jews.

One can look at this issue from another perspective: if I had a choice between taking advice from Yasser Arafat; Osama bin Laden; Muammar Ghadafy and Saddam Hussein or from Stephen Spielberg; Barbra Streisand; Arthur Miller; Jackie Mason or Larry King, I?d choose the latter ?cabal of Jews.? If Bush and Co do like having a few Jews around, they will find people related to hundreds of Nobel Prize winners; to countless violin and piano virtuosi, composers and symphony conductors; literary giants and Broadway and Hollywood geniuses. Would the Fisks and Hollingses and Zinnis of this world like the Jews to just disappear?

I am angry and disgusted by these discussions. I am sick and tired of waking up every day in London and never being able to pass a twenty-four hour period without some politician or newspaper, television or radio pundit blaming Jews or Israel for George Bush?s and Donald Rumsfeld?s perceived misdeeds.

The Bush Administration thinks for itself and does not need the Jewish vote to be re-elected. The Jewish vote is minute, ( the African American and Hispanic vote is vastly more numerous) and the idea of the ?Jewish lobby? determining the election result is an urban myth generated by those who wish Jews would just go away. I attended a Left-wing seminar in London in which the Jews were accused of dominating the Democratic Party and bullying the Republicans as well!

Those who blame the Jews sound disturbingly like the sheikh who has just been taken off the streets of London, Abu Hamza: he blames the Jews for every imaginable woe.

Let us judge the dark days of the post-war Iraq and the endless stream of world terror at face value, and may the accusers of the Jews cease their shrill remonstrating and wait for the truth to set them free.


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