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The 'Israelisation of America'
Last uploaded : Tuesday 16th Sep 2003 at 01:23
Contributed by : Cay Philips


Once more the world?s media are at it again about the evil Jews crawling all over America and intimidating the goyim and everyone else so that Israel may expand overnight to the size of all of Arabia. This is an interesting phenomenon. It is, in essence, exactly the same as the ?Protocols of the Elders of Zion? and other insidious tracts that fantasized a takeover of the world by long-nosed, avaricious Jews. In the days of the ?Protocols? there was no Israel, but now Jew-haters have a real entity to attack. In addition the Israel-haters love to obsess about the ?neo cons? in the Bush Administration.

Okay, let?s look at this neo-con stuff. What is a neo-con? A neo-con can take the shape and form of Dan Quayle, Bush Senior, Newt Gingrich and Francis Fukiyama. Jews? Zionists? The Bush ?inner circle? on which the Arab and Israel-hating media obsess includes Andrew Card, Dick Cheney, Franklin Graham and Don Rumsfeld. Jews? Zionists?

So now we have Ahdaf Soueif, a distinguished female columnist writing in Al-Ahram about the plight of Arab culture and its decline because of the tons of money poured into Israel by the USA. (Yes--she says the decline of Arab culture is caused by the money given by the Yanks to help Zionists. Do me a favour.)

The article:


Her long article enumerates the evil intentions of the earliest Zionists. (When Arabs talk about ?Palestinian aspirations of statehood? how is it that Jewish aspirations of statehood are so abhorrent?) She narrows her discussion, which she calls ?The Israelisation of America? to a warning about the dangers of American money being ploughed into the Jewish State.

What amazes me is that this woman sees no evil in the appalling regimes in the region who stone women to death as they are buried alive in sand; cut people?s tongues out and mutilate other folks for minor crimes. When do Jews do these things? When does Israel do such things? In fact, when do those evil, wicked Americans do such things?

The idea that the decline of Arab culture is a direct result of American support for Israel is perverse in the extreme. How dare she make such an absurd accusation? My Jewish ancestors went to the United States penniless and spawned scientists, teachers, musicians , architects and writers. Conversely the Arab world has been made rich by endless rivers of oil and its Emirs, who are richer than the Queen of England, do little to bring that region into the modern world.

There are over twenty Arab nations and over fifty Muslim countries around the globe. One tiny Jewish state that has begun to shrink (there are not even enough burial places in Israel anymore) is not a threat to the Arab world.

In what I consider to be a heinous and perverse insinuation, Ahdaf Soueif suggests that George Bush and the Jews are using the Holocaust and now 9/11 as propaganda tools to gain international sympathy. May I remind Miss Soueif that every one of the million children, and the millions of housewives, teachers, doctors, lawyers, shopkeepers, rabbis and scholars who were annihilated in Europe had done nothing to provoke this slaughter? Not one of the workers in the airplanes and in the Trade Towers had done anything to provoke the slaughter by nineteen well-heeled hijackers. The workers in the Pentagon were going about their jobs and I would suggest none were plotting the demise of whole races of people when they too were slaughtered on that Tuesday morning.

She zeroes in on various black spots in American and Israeli policy. Can Miss Soueif name me a Jewish or American equivalent of Saddam and his two sadistic sons?

Miss Soueif should, like other Arab writers obsessed with misplaced anger at hard-working, enterprising and immensely civilised Jews and Americans, look to her own wretched culture that enslaves women and degrades, tortures and mutilates men who disagree with authority. Does she seriously think that a nation that has spawned Leonard Bernstein; Lerner and Loewe; Rodgers and Hammerstein; Spielberg, Miller, Hellman and Streisand is some sort of creepy maelstrom of Zionist Jews running around scaring everyone into giving money to Israel? The distorted view of Jewish America and of Israel purveyed by the Arab press -- and even by the UK media -- is frightening and reminiscent of lies perpetrated by Jew-haters of the last century. When the Arab world can produce creative geniuses like those listed above -- who, incidentally, came from impoverished Jewish parents driven from the rest of the world by the well-organised Jew-haters of a century ago -- I will be humbled.

Over the past few weeks I have been critical of Ariel Sharon and have been dismayed at the state of things in Iraq. However, nothing infuriates me more -- and puts my dismay into perspective -- than thinly-veiled Jew hatred and America-bashing that ignores the huge flaws of the Arab and Muslim world. Last week Robert Fisk wrote -- or ranted -- in ?The Independent ? that grotesque enclaves of ?Jews and more Jews? were populating the West Bank. Imagine how far I would last in the journalistic world if I wrote about grotesque enclaves of ?blacks and more blacks? or ?Muslims and more Muslims? in a mainstream paper! The UK media obsess about the settlers but never note that a million Arabs live inside Israel. My local shopkeeper spits at me about ?Israeli apartheid.? What about enforced Judenrein in the Muslim world?

If Pakistan, Libya and other Jew-free and America-loathing nations were not Judenrein, perhaps they would have such remarkable institutions as the Weizmann Institute, the Technion and the Hebrew University. Daniel Pearl went to Pakistan to explore a culture that he felt needed clarifying to the world and ended up being tortured to death. How many Muslims have had this fate when they have gone to visit or live in Chicago, Philadelphia or Haifa? Mad mullahs in Iraq are raving and ranting at the Bush Administration that ?Jews are sneaking in.? Well, if a few Jews as enterprising as those who turned Palestine into an orchard came into Iraq, the nation might bloom and prosper. If Ahdaf Soueif can find me a rabbi who spews hate every Shabbat from the Bimah, and who encourages young Jews to go out and kill non-Jews I will be happy to eat humble pie.

Frankly I am sick to death of reading the hateful fictions that are being published and broadcast across the world to unsuspecting audiences that distort the noble visions of the brilliant early Zionists and that make the United States look like a haven of loud Zionist Jews . None of these accusations are true and I fear for the very safety of individual Jews, Americans and Israelis if this worldwide hate propaganda continues to proliferate.

I suggest that Miss Soueif and her millions of followers look to their own deeply flawed cultures before accusing the magnificent, enterprising, democratic and emancipated nations of the USA and Israel of polluting their waters. Frankly, Miss Soueif, if Arabia, Muslim Malaysia and Muslim Africa were 'Israelicised' they would blossom as the envy of the world. Your waters, Miss Soueif, are already polluted and I suggest you raise your own drowning cultures out of those murky rivers of stonings, burkhas and massacres before besmirching the reputation of the two vibrant cultures from which so many are proud to have sprung: the Jews and the Americans.


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