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Why The USA Is Not Rushing Into War
Last uploaded : Sunday 22nd Dec 2002 at 13:14
Contributed by : The Editors



Those of us who have from the start felt that the West must take a stand with Saddam Hussein are not dismayed with the current war cries of Tony Blair and George Bush. We deplore the idea that the Western world, who should be settling in to enjoy Christmas, (we do not interfere with the huge, billion-strong Muslim world observing Ramadan and Eid) is instead sitting in fear of smallpox. We know that moderate voices say 'Well, we have antagonised Iraq and the Muslim world into retaliation,' but what, may we ask, did the nations whose citizens were slaughtered on September 11, 2001 do to provoke THAT attack? As we recall, unless our minds have dimmed, September 2001 was characterised by a world at relative peace but Israel and the Jewish Diaspora under unprecedented attack at Durban whilst trying to fend off an Intifadah. Indeed, the Taliban were going strong at that time, and we in these columns have lamented the fact that the Clinton Administration did nothing to liberate the women of that nation.

Our message to the extreme element of the Muslim world is to stop blaming us for whatever woes you have (we buy your oil and therefore make your sultans rich -- ask THEM why you are poor), and start establishing ballet and opera companies, art schools and literary festivals as we do. Are you not ashamed of the fact that the sum total of what you have given the world in the past fourteen months is an obscene catastrophe in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, and a worldwide hysteria about smallpox????

Many of you will regard the Palestinian situation as a catastrophe, but has it ever occurred to you that Jews worldwide have never done any harm to any group but have just enriched those cultures? Your papers, Tv , schools and mosques rave and rant about the evils of the Jews and the Zionists. The Jews of Israel are defending themselves against violence, and though we on this site have condemned Sharon's policies, we also saw the carnage wreaked by Jihad, Hizbolllah and Hamas when Rabin was handing everything back and trying to make peace.

President Bush has gone very grey this past year, and on 'Larry King' last week United States Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was in a highly emotional state; even those of us who voted for Al Gore and felt the election had been stolen from us by the Republicans must now grit our teeth,accept that these men are our leaders and hope that they proceed and deliberate with caution. We reach out to the Muslim world and ask you to put your house in order, and we ask the Bush Administration to act with wisdom dealing with a regime that reflects the depths to which a great culture can sink but which could also annihilate Israel and us all.

We commend to our readers this article in the new issue of TIME Magazine:

Go to the link:

and then look for the article 'Why the U.S. Isn't Going to War - Yet'


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