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Our First Poll
Last uploaded : Sunday 31st Mar 2002 at 15:08
Contributed by : The Editor


News We were inspired to raise this issue after reports of severe damage to the beautiful, old Virgin Mary statue and to other historic Christian places of importance in Bethlehem during operations between the IDF and Palestinian militias.

The results of our first site poll are as follows:

1. Israel should not compensate the Christian authorities for damage done to Christian holy places during military engagement:


2. Israel should compensate the Christian authorities:


Total votes: 143.

Some guidelines:

If you have already voted but want to view the current results, just vote again. Your vote will NOT be registered a second time, but this action will enable you to view the running poll results. Promise!

Our current poll concerns the grave situation in the Gulf. We believe it is self-explanatory.

If you have not already voted, please do so today.


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