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Let's Close the Lie Factory
Last uploaded : Tuesday 5th Mar 2002 at 12:51
Contributed by : The Editor



There has been a wave of anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist press in the past two years, emanating from the far corners of the world. This week, a story about Israeli spies who lived near the 11 September hijackers being deported from the USA has made some of the Arab press jump to conclusions. One Palestinian e-mail list sent us an article about the spies and added the caption: ' An al Qaeda Link?'

The idea that a group of Jews would link up with Osama is too absurd to be credited. More likely is the probability that the Israelis were on the trail of terror, and in former US Cabinet member Lawrence Eagleburger's estimation, the Americans sent some of them packing as far back as last August, thinking their warnings were too outlandish to be taken seriously.

Enlightened Muslim commentators around the globe have themselves been horrified by suggestions that ‘the Jews’ and ‘Israelis’ perpetrated the September 11 atrocities. That such an obscene accusation could be proliferated is indicative of a breathtaking ignorance of Western culture, of Jewish customs and of American values.

First, the weekend preceding marked the beginning of the Jewish penitential season, inaugurated each year by the sombre midnight ‘Selichot’ service. A group of orthodox Jews had observed Selichot late on the night of 10th September and had been told they could come in late to work at the twin towers on 11th September.

Second, that day was election day in New York. The city has a significant Jewish population and many, exercising their wonderful freedom in a democratic society, had gone out to vote or to volunteer from sun-up at polling stations.

Third, Jewish people passionately worship education and the wellbeing of their children, who are a blessing to be nurtured and protected. September 11 was the first day of school. Hundreds of Jewish parents took their children to school and therefore were late in to the World Trade Centre and adjoining buildings.

Howard Lutnick, CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, lost nearly 100% of his large workforce, many of whom were Jewish, including his brother Gary. Had Howard not insisted on taking his small child to the first day of kindergarten, he too would have perished. Indeed, 1,500 is the figure quoted of the number of orphans from Cantor-Fitzgerald alone.

A New York synagogue recently held a service to commemorate the many Jewish people killed on September 11 in Manhattan and at the Pentagon.

The Arab World – and in fact, the British media, most recently embodied in the despicable 14 January cover of The New Statesman – have been enjoying the freedom offered in their own countries to generate a spate of cartoons and articles denigrating the Jewish world, but JewishComment.com felt compelled to dispel the heinous accusation that Jews were behind the events of 11 September.


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