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Al Jazeera UK?
Last uploaded : Friday 8th Feb 2002 at 11:18
Contributed by : The Editors


News We are busy upgrading and improving our site, so we apologise to our regular visitors for the drop in new material in the past week.

We do, however, feel it is our responsibility to alert our readers to a report that has gone out this morning at 10AM London time on Sky News from Andrew Wilson. He provides a ‘Sky News inside look exclusive’ at the Tanzim Palestinian militia.

Arriving at a terrorist camp near Hebron, he shakes hands with great enthusiasm and reverence with a terrorist whom he describes as a fighter ‘whom the Israelis claim’ killed ‘a baby.’ (Translation: this heinous murderer wanders the streets of the Holy Land, having killed Shalhevet Pass, a non-combatant out for a walk with her father in her pram.) The terrorists are presented as brave, daring fighters who will one day ‘kill all’ as the murderer of little Shalhevet says with eyes sparkling at the grovelling British reporter, when asked about his attitude to Israelis. He proudly and excitedly tells Wilson that he has Al Aqsa marrtyrs ready to go ten-at-a-time to Israel to massacre Jews with massive explosives.

Wilson goes on to present a kind of ‘Boys Own’ hero-worship tour of the camp, showing how a tiny child, who is barely a toddler, is encouraged to use a machine gun, held up by smiling Palestinians. (Can anyone find me a Jewish child anywhere in the world, during our hundreds of years of cruel oppression in walled ghettoes, spending his day learning about machine guns?Can anyone find us a Jewish hijacker, suicide bomber or sadistic kidnapper?)

Wilson finishes his report with an impassioned history of these men ‘who hold a badge of honour’ – as he holds his hand to his own chest -- for having survived the last Intifadah of the 1980s.

JewishComment, founded by people who had supported Oslo and who had engaged in Interfaith dialogue, are tired of hearing about the ‘struggle.’ Gandhi, Mandela and Dr King did not exhort their people to relentless violence and terror against innocent civilians.

We are incensed that Iran has refused to accept the credentials of the British envoy because they believe he ‘has Jewish blood.’

We are dismayed when we read about Jews and Christians being prohibited from the Temple Mount, so scared to Jewish people for thousands of years and indeed to Christians, because the Wakf threatens ‘grave consequences’ for such a ‘desecration.’

We invite Muslims to write to us to explain this one last point. Our editors grew up in extremely sophisticated, advanced Western cultures where our grandmothers had doctorates, our Jewish and Christian friends visited each other’s places of worship with cordiality and warmth, and where we prohibited our children from engaging in any sort of violence, even when we were hit with anti-Semitism in the workplace or in the social register. Where in the Holy Quran does it say that a non-Muslim is not welcomed with graciousness and generosity when visiting a Muslim holy place? Where in Islam is it decreed that a visit from a non-Muslim will provoke 'grave consequences?' Why was it that one of our Editors was threatened with death when wishing to film at a London mosque? We welcome responses to this.

We ask all Jewish Comment readers who care to write the British government about the inciteful television coverage that is being promulgated here – coverage that encourages the taking up of arms against Israelis and that is totally inappropriate in a country that is supposedly ‘at war’ with the USA against world terrorism.

Finally, may we assert that we are no longer prepared to accept from the Left the preposterous assertion widely spread by the Arab world, that Israeli soldiers are also ‘terrorists’ and that they are intent on cruelty and oppression. The Jewish State was founded as a haven for the remnant of world Jewry that had managed to survive the effort by the non-Jewish world to eradicate us from the globe. We no longer sit idly by as we are tormented and murdered. We have a right to defend our only, tiny state surrounded by hostile neighbours.

It will help the ‘case’ of the Muslim world if the hateful, inciteful literature being published in many Arab newspapers is stopped – it is not ‘freedom of the press’ to circulate anti-Jewish material that could have been lifted out of Nazi propaganda.

The Jewish people, even in times of terrible oppression, have given the world some of its greatest scientists, writers as well as ORT, a Jewish-funded charity that provides millions in aid to the Third World – including aid to numerous nations with Muslim citizens.

It is time the huge, immensely wealthy Arab World reached out a hand of peace to a small nation that has been under incessant attack since its founding, and realised that such a reconciliation will bring benefit to all of the inhabitants of that ancient and historic region.


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