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The Republican triumph --will it bury the Democrats?
Last uploaded : Thursday 23rd Apr 2015 at 08:09
Contributed by : Carol Gould


As I watch the bizarre twists and turns of the British election race, (I vote in both the American and UK elections) we are re-running this story six months on: the Tea Party and right-wing Republicans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are attracting significant support in their quest for the White House. My views below from November, but not much has changed. I do not believe Hillary Clinton can win in 2016. The United States is moving to the Right. Watch this space...

London - 5th November 2014

This will be the shortest article I have ever written.

In 2008 I was broadcasting from Vox Africa on American Election night. The joy on the faces of the African broadcasters who had filled the studio in the wee hours that night was palpable and was coupled with tears. A son of Africa had been elected President of the United States.

I went on to the United States Embassy in London’s Grosvenor Square only for the electric power to be cut off; the rows of laptops in the Press room went dark as soon as the victory of Barack Obama was declared. We were told the incumbent ambassador had ordered the blackout and security men began to torment us: ’Time to clear out!’ Members of Republicans Abroad were weeping but members of Democrats Abroad were crying with joy even in the dismal darkness.

Struggling through the corridors I made my way out into the chill of a November dawn thinking of how my late mother, an indomitable civil rights campaigner, would have loved the triumph of the Obama campaign…

Now, six years later, his dream lies in ruins. The Senate has moved from Democrat to Republican control in yesterday’s midterm elections. Why? Well, I am supposed ot be an astute political commentator with an answer for everything but I cannot fathom the move to the Right in the United States. Pundits have offered the morning discussion programmes the view that the American people like a ‘go ahead’ president and all they see is a somewhat ineffectual and overly intellectual leader. He is the Adlai Stevenson who won two elections…

The oddest aspect of all of this is that my Tory friends in London all love Obama. They feel he is right for the world and a leader worthy of being hosted in every global forum. The American people -- my people -- are inscrutable. Despite Osama bin Laden’s elimination having been masterminded under his watch they feel this commander-in-chief has done nothing to rid the world of ISIS but they become apoplectic with rage when one suggests a British-style NHS should be established in the USA.

The next two years will be hell for the Obama administration and for anyone who supports liberal programmes. Watch the arts, education for the poor, social services and anything with the label ‘compassionate’ be drained of support. A grim time lies ahead and the grim reaper beckons for the causes Obama had hoped to make reality on that joy-filled evening in 2008.


Philadelphia-born Carol Gould is a broadcaster and author of Spitfire Girls and Don’t Tread on Me: anti-Americanism Abroad


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