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Bassem Sabry -- dead at 31
Last uploaded : Wednesday 30th Apr 2014 at 00:39
Contributed by : Carol Gould


A lovely young Egyptian journalist named Bassem Sabry has died suddenly at age 31. Most recently his twitter page featured dramatic images from Ukraine. We BAFTA members who wanted the film 'The Square' to win Best Documentary know he was one of the many young voices who wrote and reflected on the evolution of the fall of Mubarak and on the subsequent, imperfect journey...

Evidently he collapsed into a diabetic coma and fell from his balcony. I have witnessed two Type 1 diabetic friends at a hair's-breadth from death who have been saved by paramedics. He was not so lucky. Read this beautiful essay he wrote when he turned 30.

Being a type 2 I know that my occasional hypoglycaemic attacks cannot kill but he must have been a Type 1 and did not have glucose to hand nor someone to inject glucose. What a tragedy.


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