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Stan Kroenke is not Jewish
Last uploaded : Monday 11th Apr 2011 at 15:10
Contributed by : Carol Gould


In the context of Stan Kroenke offering in excess of £11,300 each for the shares of Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith and Danny Fiszman to acquire a majority holding in Arsenal Football Club here is an extract from an article I wrote three years ago in April 2008:

'...This brings me to the issue of Stan Kroenke and the Gillett-Hicks affair. When Kroenke tried to acquire a shareholding in Arsenal, the Board became agitated and one member said they did not want ‘his sort’ owning any part of Arsenal. Matthew Norman in ‘The Evening Standard’ even went so far as to ‘accuse’ Kroenke of being yet another Jewish entrepreneur ( Roman Abramovich is also a foreign and Jewish football tycoon, owning Chelsea) when in fact Kroenke is an American Christian devoted to his church and married to a very non-Jewish WalMart heiress. The ugly headlines surrounding the Kroenke affair illustrated just how much some Britons harbour an irrational hatred of us Yanks.

I remember sitting on a train and seeing the huge headlines, ‘We don’t want your sort!’ in the newspapers and wondering if at any moment the train conductor, who had already been unduly foul to me, (I had asked where the dining car was and the result was a string of abuse, whilst passengers turned around and glared at me), might throw me off the carriage, like poor Ben Kingsley in ‘Gandhi,’ thrown onto the platform because he was sitting in a whites-only compartment.

As a matter of fact, despite the presence of a repellent ‘sort’ on its Board, Arsenal is doing phenomenally well and despite losing played a thrilling match against Liverpool lastnight, with young Theo Walcott looking every bit the superstar he will soon be. What is so interesting is the fact that Emirates Stadium is the home of Arsenal but there is no objection to the Emirates ploughing tons of money into the club. But Kroenke is not ‘the sort’ the English Board wants in its midst....'


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