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America-Hatred 2010
Last uploaded : Friday 25th Jun 2010 at 17:00
Contributed by : Carol Gould


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Recently I spoke at a British school conference on world terrorism. The venue was a school in the suburb of Bushey and in the current climate of worldwide Israel-hatred and America-bashing it registered as a rather scary experience.

At the evening opening of the conference on I was in the audience; the outspoken Muslim activist Inayat Bunglawala, who once wrote to the Jewish Chronicle that the creation of Israel was one of the great mistakes of the past century, was one of the speakers. On this occasion he railed against the Jewish State and the USA as did pockets of audience members sitting near me. He made it appear that America had been attacking Muslim cities, hence the 2001 al Qaeda attacks on the USA. I was jumping out of my skin at his stream of inaccuracies in front of this large, mostly young audience; many of them were toddlers when 9/11 took place and have no historical perspective about the decades of radical Islamic terror that culminated in the attacks of September, 2001. I wagered that if I had said “Klinghoffer” to the crowd they would have laughed.

There were several Israelis and Jewish students in the front row who got into a shouting match with the jihadists sitting near them and the front rows engaged in a kind of verbal mini-pogrom. Every manner of invective was promulgated, including from one audience member the mantra that “a bunch of Ukrainian and Russian Jews converged on Palestine after the war who stole the land.”. Two parents with their progeny sitting behind me were jumping out of their skins, constantly chanting phrases about the “barbaric Israelis” and “American murderers” etc. I glared at them but they just carried on.

At the end three young Muslim men came over to me, one of whom I had challenged about a comment he had made from the floor about America and its “25% of oil consumption.” They shouted at me that Jews ran the USA were responsible for the lack of climate change legislation and that they manipulate the commodity market and everything else. The woman sitting next to me took me back to my hotel and she -- a Hindu -- and I agreed this was an eye-opener as the audience of some 250-strong -- mostly children as young as 12 -- was

obviously filled with an almost physical rage against Israel and the USA.

The next day I gave my speech to a large audience of students from five local schools. From the platform I could see there were many youngsters wishing to express their identity with headscarves and keffiyah-style neck scarves. I made the point that I was horrified that youngsters with sponge-like brains had been fed so many untruths the night before. As soon as the question and answer session got underway a woman in a burkha shouted at me from the back of the room that the world is in a parlous state because of the “stupidity, arrogance and pigheadedness of the United States.” The audience erupted. I thought they were going to storm the platform.

The atmosphere hitting me up there looking down at this crowd of angry children was of palpable hostility. One of the panellists, journalist Paul Eedle, interrupted the woman -- evidently a teacher -- to remind her of the thousands of Americans who had given their lives in WWII to defeat fascism but the school just erupted again. One wee boy in the third row was holding up a fist. I reminded them of the plaque at Dunxford airbase commemorating 33,000 dead US pilots but it -- literally -- landed like a lead balloon. At this point the headmaster stood up and said, “You need to remember that there is only a handful of countries in the world that would allow a discourse like this amongst young students!” I am sure I could hear from a great distance the angry woman grinding her teeth.

My speech had concentrated on IRA terror but a man in the audience got up and asked me why I was blaming “only Muslims.” Yes, in the course of the panel discussion I had mentioned the small matters of the PLO hijackings, the murder of 241 American troops in Beirut,the Khobar Towers, the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan London Embassy and of course 9/11 and 7/7-- panelist Dr Daud Abdullahof the Muslim Council of Britain even mentioned the 1972 Munich slaughter of the Israeli Olympic athletes -- but this guy seemed to feel Muslims were being victimized. In my speech I had also noted that some historians feel Menachem Begin was a terrorist but now I was accused of singling out Muslim terror.

It troubles me that children are also being made by the media to hate the USA because of the -- admittedly poor -- American management of Manchester United and Liverpool football clubs and the takeover by Kraft of Cadbury. The British trade authorities could have stopped those misguided Americans from taking over the abovementioned institutions in the first place.

Panellist Dr. Abdullah decried America for Hiroshima and Nagasaki; I was not given a chance to reply but wanted to remind him, and the large contingent of impressionable children, that if the USA had not dropped the bombs millions of American, British, Australian, Filipino and New Zealand troops would have perished because the Japanese leadership was fully intending to conduct a forty-year land war, with even the tiniest of its children trained up to fight until every last baby was dead. Needless to say Dr Abdullah and the America-hating faculty member would not have been born, as people of color would have been next on Hitler’s annihilation list. Had the allies been annihilated by Germany and Japan in World War II we would be living in the dark ages.

But they don’t seem to teach real history these days.

Suffer the little children…


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