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Douglas Murray and Incendiary websites
Last uploaded : Sunday 12th Apr 2009 at 03:21
Contributed by : Carol Gould



Over the past four years I have been following the progress of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK. They have gone from strength to strength and are opening new offices across Britain . If you visited their site in March they were fuming about Zionists and about three Jews being elected to the Leeds University Student Union.

In December 2005 I decided to attend the Global Peace and Unity Conference at the Excel Centre in Canary Wharf because it was touted as a celebration of Islamic culture and food. Being an inveterate foodie and having so enjoyed my Pakistani neighbours’ November Eid feast this sounded attractive. What greeted me was a giant hall filled with some very angry young Muslims being whipped up by Michael Mansfield QC ,George Galloway MP, former Taliban hostage-turned-Islamic activist Yvonne Ridley and the retired cricketer Imran Khan. Keep in mind that this rally, sponsored by Western Union and the Metropolitan Police, -- yes, this is not an April Fool -- occurred just five months after Islamic terrorists had blown up a London double-decker bus and three tube carriages.

The British journalist Melanie Phillips published my account of the event on her website and the result was incendiary. MPACUK set up a discussion page about me and I received very scary ‘How does it feel to be the world’s number one Islamophobe? ‘ emails. Shortly after this my computer was attacked by a monumental virus and my Outlook Express Inbox literally exterminated in about three seconds. I have no idea who perpetrated this but decided to join the discussion on MPACUK’s blog. I was barred from entering a comment. To this day, I cannot communicate with them because they prohibit me from using their Comments facility.

It is notable that one of the complaints registered most often by Muslims in Britain is how ‘under-represented’ they are in the media, but every day there is nationally-published comment from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Inayat Bunglawala, Ahdaf Soueif, Ghada Karmi, Tariq Ali, Tariq Ramadan, Lord Ahmed -- now in prison, so a temporary break in exposure, -- Faisal ‘Israel Simply Has no Right to Exist’ Bodi, Muhammad Abdul Bari, Sir Iqbal Sacranie and many more. It is therefore all the more bizarre that MPACUK blocks me from their discussion boards whilst Muslims have full use of the Internet and national media to air their views.

Recently Douglas Murray’s Centre for Social Cohesion issued a report about Asghar Bukhari, head of MPACUK, whom it believed to have made comments on Facebook that were sufficient to incite violence. This was referred to the Police. Bukhari was quoted: “…any Muslim who fights against Israel and dies is a martyr and will be granted paradise;” …“There is no greater oppressor on this earth then [sic] the Zionists, who murder little children for sport;" … and commented that he had dealt with Zionists who had a “crooked mind.” Since the Social Cohesion Report Douglas Murray has been banned from chairing a debate on Islam by the London School of Economics “in the interest of public safety”. Hello? Who is the incendiary one here? Murray will not be silenced: in mid-March he is trying to stop Hezbollah spokesperson Dr Ibrahim Moussawi from entering Britain, inasmuch as Dutch MP was barred from the UK for trying to show his film about Islam in the House of Lords.

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK ought to be a vehicle through which intelligent discussion and thoughtful dialogue might emerge. So I decided to do some research on MPACUK’s blog and pick some samples of its discourse. Here are a few:

“ If Zionists aren't spitting on the faces of Christians, or dropping white phosphorus on children, they are ridiculing their faiths”

“Pro-Israel lobby in Britain Benefits from London Tycoon…”

In this article MPACUK discusses BICOM, a London charity that aims to enhance the public’s understanding of Israel’s aspirations. It should be noted that MPACUK is believed to have been instrumental in getting MP Lorna Fitzsimons defeated in the last election. It should also be noted that BICOM’s offices in central London were attacked by pro-Palestinian vandals in mid-January. MPACUK describes BICOM :

“…While the CEO is Lorna Fitzsimons, the former Labour MP for Rochdale, those close to the organisation say that [Poju] Zabludowicz, the chairman, controls it..

“Zabludowicz, 55, was born in Helsinki, Finland, and now lives on The Bishops Avenue, known as Millionaires' Row, in Hampstead, north London. He is the 31st richest man in Britain with a £2bn fortune...

“His father, Shlomo, an Auschwitz survivor, built up the Israeli arms company Soltam in the 50s ..”

Here are some choice Blog entries:

“.. Zionists control the political elite in America. They used to control the money, but their greed pulled the major world powers into a recession. But their governments still made sure they got their fair share of goodbye pension deals. The Gestapo Israelis murder in cold blood..;

“ What more proof do people need; these animals must be stopped..”.

In another article MPACUK comments:

“As if the many many films on the Holocaust weren't enough (why not mention the Gaza Holocaust, huh?!), it seems that Hollywood, the movie-branch of the propaganda war, is going to be making a whole lot more movies that are anti-Iranian.”
The blog:
“..By the will of Allah the plans of the Zionist devils will fail.

“..this is why the Zionists are so damn good at their game …They are the best in the art of deception…”

Turn the page to:

“Israel Treated Gaza Like Its Own Private Death Laboratory”
A Blogger:

“Gordon Brown publicly advocated his 'disgust' but privately told his people at the United Nations Security Council to tacitly block a ceasefire…what a hypocrite, I hope his family suffers the same fate as the innocent children in Gaza.”

Interesting! MPACUK is allowed to threaten the family of the Prime Minister, but nobody in Britain bothers to investigate…and so on and so forth. One has to visit the site to get the true flavour of an organisation purporting to encourage interfaith ‘public affairs ‘ policy but instead using what appears to be an unmoderated blog to promote discord.

Here are some more gems:

MPACUK Responds to the Government’s Unbelievable Condescending Attitude to Real Muslims”

“… look at our Jewish Zionist citizens who in their thousands every single year, are allowed by the British Government to fly to Israel and be part of the killing machine that slaughters the Palestinian Muslims..”

MPACUK issued an Action Alert about an Islamophobic” article in the Ilford Recorder. “Alhamdulillah the efforts of active Muslims have proved successful and the newspaper's editor has published an apology.”

Note that the Ilford Recorder had reported that children at a Jewish school had been cowering inside the building because knife-wielding youths had been trying to lay siege to the place. The reporter was fired because the article was deemed “Islamophobic.” As my bubba would have said, “Nu?”

On another page:

“Spot the Difference: Nazi Germany vs Zionist Israel “ (image of Nazi youth in Heil Hitler salute and of Israeli girl signing a bomb.)

Elizabeth Khan:
“More than 90% of Holocaust history is a total fabrication & this fact is exposed by a widely respected German scientist of Max Planck Institute, Dr.Rudolf Germar..

“Even if Hitler did kill 6 million, he is still a much much smaller criminal as compared with Cockroach Britain, which killed 100 million in the colonies. Nazi & Pedophile Churchill alone killed 22 million during the colonial times and never regretted it.

…and in the meantime here are a few more -- obviously unmoderated -- blog entries of note at MPACUK:

“…Israelis… are nothing less than viscous sadistic fascists worse (much much worse) than the Nais ever were. it is instilled into the to kill,maim and torture and to do so for "fun" in the most vile manner possible..”

“..this is why the only solution is for the muslim armies to respond! we need al jihad. there is no other solution every muslim needs to realise this.

Absolutely Sickening:

“..Pure evil and sickening; just listen to these old Israeli women who ought to know better but speak like demonstrable cattle’s. As for that Senator Charles Schumer (Israeli Jew), calming that the army is sending text messages before attacking Palestinians is simply beyond belief. There is no sign of humanity in these people.

“…After listening to the murderous hatred of these Zionists and seeing what they have done in Gaza, can anyone deny that they are the New Nazis?


“..Italian Mafia's and Israeli are both criminals and evils of society. Anyone support them are criminals or just plain IDOTS, which is essentially the same thing.

Here we find one person who actually gets through the MPACUK censor to criticise them:


“..As a matter of historical interest, the Mafia arose in Sicily from the original Islamic Muufah which was an Islamic brotherhood formed in the island when it was conquered by the muslims


“..This confirms the fact that zionists are have a racist mandate and use nazi means. I mean don't forget the italian leader Musolini was Hitler's ally in WW2, so why should we be surprised at the actions of the zionist support from Italy.

“..Sorry mate you loose, just like the rest of the zionist scum, using media for their own racist nazi gains.

“…all leading mafia are Jewish,
Famous Jewish American gangsters Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Dutch

And then there are what we assume ate the self-hating Jews:

B Hornstein:

“…Stop muddying the waters and creating a side issue in an effort to deflect attention from the baby killing, murdering, racist, ethnocratic people that are Zionists.

Seb: ( in reference to Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev on British Channel 4) )
“..Only war criminals could try and deny the truth of their heinous crimes (like this slimy zionazi).

Tanya Sipling:
“I just sent Channel 4 a thank you! …It proves to the British public who may not be aware of what is actually going on what kind of people the Israelis are. Totally incapable of any humanity.

“…Regev just proves that they have nothing to say that could provide justification for the Israeli's hurrendous and inhumane actions towards the palestinians. Long Live Palestine the victory will be ours...

MPACUK urges its membership to get out and demonstrate in London. Those of us who live in central London will know how violent these events were. Various branches of Starbucks were smashed up because ‘American Zionist’ Howard Schultz is the CEO. Those who feel MPACUK is a website for ‘nutcases’ should appreciate that the fury of the demonstrators was palpable.
Stop the Massacre! Israel out of Gaza!

Ak The Aktivist:
“…word on the street is people are bringing balloons filled with red paint/red dye powder to paint the Israeli embassy red to highlight the bloodshed.

“Feel free to bring yours along too!

When the small and rather shy Anglo-Jewish community decided to stage a support rally for Israel here is how MPACUK’s bloggers responded:

Voltage Brother:
“..The ZIONAZIS the pure vermin. How sick and twisted are they that they actually go marching in the streets in support of the mass murder perpetrated by their fascist ZIONAZI Regime.

“…And this is a key difference between ALL Muslims and extremist Zionist scum - You NEVER see any muslims no matter what group they sympathize with go marching in the street after any Muslim militant group kills Israeli civilians or any other civilians HOWEVER look at these evil ZIONAZIS marching and parading in support of the mass murder and genocide of babies, children, women and men. SICK EVIL BAST***DS.

“Bring rotten eggs and tomatoes too! Don't forget the counter demo on Sunday against the zionist criminals rally in SUPPORT OF ISRAELI slaughter of Palestinians at Trafalgar Square at 10.30am.

Voltage Brother
“Hello Zionist loving scum,

“.. if the fascist Zionazi regime pulls it's mass murdering soldiers out of the West Bank but then places the West Bank under siege as they have done the Gaza Strip, controlling everything that goes in and out, causing the population to suffer and starve, and if after 'pulling out' of the West Bank, the Zionazi regime continues to send it's death squads and death jets at will to kill, men women and children as they choose then NO.,


“…Mohammed, I think we should bring something more than that, like some flour too!

“..I actually got banned from the forum for speaking up against the pro Israeli rally, so if you’re going then please do some damage

Later, he adds:

“..Life would be better without a pariah state, especially as its not there home, as most Israelis are Ashkenazi ancestory.


“..Pro-Genocide and Pro-Ethnic Cleansing demos will be held tomorrow by those soulless individuals who choose to stand with Israel.

An interesting comment, to:
“..Why are you muslims attacking our police outside the izraeli embassy continuously? What have our police done that you attack them??

In another article:
Are You Human? (Video of dead baby)

“…what did they do to the zionists pigs to desrve this?

“…their children will burn like ours

“Off with there heads!!

“It's "their" heads.

Douglas Murray
Rod Liddle
Melanie Philips
Julie Burchill
Michael Gove
Bruce Anderson

“..Just a few British Islamophobes. Unfortunately the list is just a taster of what's out there.”

Yes, Israel is not without fault; Amira Haas provides Israel-haters with daily ammunition and Amos Oz says ben-Gurion would find today’s country unrecognisable, but I find MPACUK’s obsession with ‘Zionazis’ repugnant and deeply disturbing.

And finally a bit of fun:

“The "Verify" question below this post asked "Planet earth is mostly covered by"?

“Granted the content of this website, one might be forced to respond:


Read the blogs at:

http://www.mpacuk.org .

An bridged version of this article appeared on Pajamas Media on 7th April 2009

http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/major-uk-muslim-group-wallows-in-anti-semitism/ .


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